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2017 KoreaBIOplus Global Conference

New Opportunities for Bio-Ecosystem with MIT Startups
October 23, 2017
Day 01 All

MIT Innovation Ecosystem: Life Science


Welcome Remarks


Introduction: MIT Startup Exchange

MIT Startup Exchange actively promotes collaboration and partnerships between MIT-connected startups and industry. Qualified startups are those founded and/or led by MIT faculty, staff, or alumni, or are based on MIT-licensed technology. Industry participants are principally members of MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program (ILP).

MIT Startup Exchange maintains a propriety database of over 1,500 MIT-connected startups with roots across MIT departments, labs and centers; it hosts a robust schedule of startup workshops and showcases, and facilitates networking and introductions between startups and corporate executives.

STEX25 is a startup accelerator within MIT Startup Exchange, featuring 25 “industry ready” startups that have proven to be exceptional with early use cases, clients, demos, or partnerships, and are poised for significant growth. STEX25 startups receive promotion, travel, and advisory support, and are prioritized for meetings with ILP’s 230 member companies.

MIT Startup Exchange and ILP are integrated programs of MIT Corporate Relations.
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MIT Startups Lightning Talks

BioBright:The Smart Laboratory Tools of the Future
Every year, up to $28 billion per year are wasted to reproducibility issues in biomedical research. The lack of reproducibility is a major factor that contributes to making drug development so time and capital intensive: 10 years & $1 billion. BioBright has developed smart laboratory technology that helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies shorten the time to market by helping them detect errors faster and cheaper. In this talk, we will discuss how BioBright has used its technology to improve the precision of a critical workflow by more than 20x and halved the time burden, while enabling new methods for discovery from data.

CareAcross is a digital health company focusing on cancer. It offers personalized services to patients through an online, private and secure platform: information based on the latest research, support from an online community, advice from experts, as well as interactive and personalized tools to help them manage their daily lives. These services are free for patients. Based on their interaction and anonymized data, we provide advanced services to the industry, including clinical trial recruitment, patient support programs and real-world evidence.
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Novarials: Nanowire Based Sensor Platform
Novarials was founded to pursue the dream of using one-dimensional nanomaterials to make revolutionary products and thus improve human life. Our core competency is the capability to produce rationally designed and high-quality ceramic nanowires, as well as high performance nanowire membranes. Our Bendable Ceramic Paper Membrane technology is an industry-changing technology, and will pose paramount impacts to dozens of industries including energy conversion and storage, chemicals, gas and oil, automobiles, food, beverage, biotech, pharmaceutical industries, waste treatment, and environmental protection. Novarials has realized the proprietary production of several important ceramic nanowires including titania nanowires and alumina nanowires. Right now we are focusing their membrane formation including titania nanowire membranes and alumina nanowire membranes for their specific commercial applications including western blotting and high safety battery separators. A strong team with various expertise including two nanomaterials experts, four renowned advisers, one membrane expert, and one materials engineer has been formed at Novarials in order to fully develop these unprecedented membrane technologies and quickly bring these novel products into the commercial marketplace.
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KoBioLabs: Therapeutics based on human microbiome
KoBioLabs, Inc. is the leading bioventure in the field of microbiome therapeutics. KoBioLabs, Inc is the spin-off company from Seoul National University and established a microbiome biobank of over 5,000 microbial isolates and their metadata from over 2,500 Korean subjects and well-structured in vitro & in vivo mining platform for microbiome-derived therapeutic candidates using functional metagenomics & metabolomics. The talk will present current microbiome therapeutic pipelines over many diseases such as inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), atopic dermatitis, non-alcoholic fat liver diseases (NAFLD), and mental depression etc. It will also cover the plan for future entrepreneurship via global open innovation.

doDOC: Streamlining Document Workflows
doDOC takes highly complex documentation processes and turns them into simple and transparent collaboration tasks. doDOC helps global enterprises to do more business and make better decisions by unlocking the power of information doDOC is a collaborative information authoring and management platform, and is the solution to complexities and inefficiencies in planning, drafting, editing, reviewing, and approving complex professional documents within your organization to leverage the true power of data as a decision-making tool. doDOC creates high value by streamlining document workflows, leading to faster drafting, review and approval, instant perfect formatting, and transparent project management lifecycle. The net results of integrating doDOC in the information processes of a company are automatic compliance, cost and risk reduction, and powerful insights of performance, productivity, and quality.
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Luminoso: AI-Based Analytics
Luminoso Technologies is a leading natural language understanding company that enables clients to rapidly discover value in their unstructured data. Luminoso’s award-winning software applies artificial intelligence to accurately analyze text-based data in any industry without lengthy setup time or training. Companies use the insights that Luminoso’s solutions uncover to streamline their contact center processes, monitor brand perception, and optimize the customer experience. Luminoso’s software is flexible and can be deployed in either a standalone Cloud or an On-Premise solution, or integrated into an end-to-end platform via the API. Unstructured data can be natively analyzed in 13 languages, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic. Luminoso is privately held with headquarters in Cambridge, MA. For more information, please visit www.luminoso.com.
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Networking Break & Interactive Startup Exhibit


Introduction of MIT ILP (Industrial Liaison Program) Benefits & Services
The Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) is industry’s most comprehensive portal to MIT, enabling companies worldwide to harness MIT resources to address current challenges and to anticipate future needs. The ILP helps company executives monitor MIT research developments, identify MIT resources of interest, arrange expert face-to-face meetings with MIT faculty, advise on research sponsorship and technology licensing opportunities, and link member companies to MIT-connected startups.


MIT Faculty Seminar 1: Nucleic Acid Nanoparticles: A Next-generation Therapeutic Delivery Platform for Personalized Medicine
Personalized medicine is on the brink of a revolution due to the convergence of low-cost whole genome sequencing and powerful new gene editing and augmentation technologies. Patient-based genome sequencing offers the ability to genetically profile acquired diseases such as cancer, as well as inherited diseases such as cystic fibrosis. And CRISPR and synthetic messenger RNAs offer the ability to either edit or augment specific genes to cure or alter the developmental course of these deadly diseases. This is in contrast to small molecule drugs that have predominated therapeutics to date, typically with highly toxic side effects, such as in the case of chemotherapeutics, or long-term dependencies, as in the case of statins and related medications. However, targeting organs and cells for therapeutic delivery of CRISPR and messenger RNAs remains a major bottleneck for the advancement of gene therapies to the clinic due to their large size and highly negative charge. In order to realize a next-generation therapeutic delivery platform for these potentially revolutionary nucleic-acid-based drugs, our laboratory is developing structured DNA and RNA nanoparticles that offer the ability to mimic viruses in their encapsulation and targeting of genes highly specifically to cells and tissues. In contrast to viruses, however, our nucleic acid nanoparticles are purely synthetic and therefore offer the ability to chemically functionalize as well as alter their sequence composition for use in therapeutic targeting, encapsulation or protection, programmed release, and as vaccine adjuvants for cancer, infectious and auto-immune diseases.
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MIT Faculty Seminar 2: Rapid Deterministic Development of Medical Devices
Healthcare consumes a great and growing percentage of the world’s GDP, which presents a problem and thus opportunity. Innovation in patient care requires both clinical and technical skills, and this talk presents the methods and outcomes from MIT course 2.75 Medical Device Design which since 2005 has used clinical-academic collaboration to develop and evaluate new medical device technologies, while teaching fundamentals of mechanical and electrical engineering design. Together, over the course of a single semester, seniors, graduate students and clinicians conceive, design, build and test proof-of-concept prototypes. Projects initiated in the course have generated intellectual property and peer-reviewed publications, stimulated further research, furthered student and clinician careers, and resulted in many publications, technology licenses and start-up ventures. Examples of current products and startups will be presented as short case studies.
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Education Opportunities at MIT for Industry Professionals
MIT is world renowned for its undergraduate and graduate degree programs in engineering and other technical disciplines. Mr. Pant will explain how professionals around the world can access MIT expertise and knowledge without necessarily having to enroll in a degree program at MIT. MIT Professional Education offers a variety of certificate programs taught by MIT faculty on MIT campus, online and in international locations, for working professionals searching for advanced knowledge from MIT.


Raffle & Interactive Startup Exhibition Part II