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2017 MIT Startup Showcase Japan

Life Science | Entrepreneurship | Innovation Ecosystems
October 18, 2017
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Carlos Boto
Chief Operations and Sales Officer
Carlos Boto co-founded doDOC in 2015 and serves as Chief Operations and Sales Officer.

doDOC is helping pharmaceutical companies bring new medical products to market faster by turning highly complex documentation processes into simple and transparent collaborative tasks.

With an executive engineering background and specialization in computer science, research and entrepreneurship, Carlos has also a track in management. Carlos is the inventor of a patented light-activable nanoformulation, with applications spanning from research to therapeutic medicine worldwide. He has been responsible for project management of international initiatives for several years, having successfully managed multidisciplinary teams from 27 different nationalities and based on 32 different organizations.

Carlos received his PhD in Engineering Systems from MIT MPP, in collaboration with University of Salamanca (Spain), University College London (UK) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (China). His BS and MS degrees in Materials Engineering are from the University of Coimbra (Portugal).
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Charles Fracchia
Founder & CEO, BioBright
Charles Fracchia is the founder and CEO at BioBright, a company building a smart lab to improve reproducibility in bio-medical research.

He is on a leave of absence from the MIT Media Lab where he was an IBM PhD Fellow in Joe Jacobson’s Molecular Machines group, and jointly in the Church lab at the Wyss Institute at Harvard Medical School. Charles obtained his bachelor’s at Imperial College London, where he worked on a bioelectronic interface between engineered bacteria and electronic sensors. He continued his thesis work at IBM Research, where he has been encouraging research in the field ever since. Charles worked as an early intern at Ginkgo Bioworks, where he developed many of the automated assembly pipelines still used today.

Charles has spoken about his work at many different venues and online including the White House, MIT Sloan, NASA Ames, IBM Research, Airbus, O'Reilly and HackADay. His current academic interests lie at the intersection of biological engineering and electronics called digital bioengineering. He was the Biology track chair at SOLID2015 mixing biology, electronics and computer science, instigated and helped organize the Bits Bio conference, has represented Boston for the Hello Tomorrow challenge (European 100k), and is a founding member of the first US bio-hackerspace.

In 2016, Charles was named one of 35 innovators under 35 by the MIT Technology Review. He is the recipient of several awards including IBM PhD fellowships, an Extraordinary Minds fellowship, one of the first Awesome Foundation fellowships and an Amplify Partners fellowship. He is the author of several patents and is actively authoring more in the field of future laboratory tools. Charles has also been involved in obtaining numerous grants and contracts from DARPA, NSF, Google X, Knight Foundation and the Shanghai High Tech Incubator totaling several millions since 2012.

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Karen Gleason
Associate Provost
Alexander and I Michael Kasser Professor of Chemical Engineering
MIT Office of the Provost
Dr. Karen K. Gleason is Associate Provost and the Alexander and I. Michael Kasser Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has been a member of the MIT faculty since 1987 and has served as Executive Officer of the Chemical Engineering Department, Associate Director for the Institute of Soldier Nanotechnologies; and as Associate Dean of Engineering for Research.

Professor Gleason’s research focuses on the near room-temperature synthesis of ultrathin, conformal organic films by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Gleason has authored more than 250 publications and holds 18 issued US patents for CVD polymers and their applications in optoelectronic, sensing, microfluidic, energy storage, and biomedical devices, and for the surface modification of membranes.

Gleason is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, a fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AIChE) and held the Donders Visiting Professorship Chair at Utrecht University, Netherlands. Her awards include the ID TechEx Printed Electronics Europe Best Technical Development Materials Award, the AIChE Process Development Research Award, and Young Investigator Awards from both the National Science Foundation and the Office of Naval Research. She has delivered the Van Ness Award Lecture at the Rensselaer Polytechnic University and the Tis Lahiri Lecture at Vanderbuilt University.

In 2001, Prof Gleason co-founded GVD Corporation, which has successfully scaled-up and commercialized technology invented in her MIT lab. GVD is headquartered in Cambridge, MA and has manufacturing facilities in Greenville, SC. In 2014, she co-founded Drop-Wise for improving the efficiency of steam power cycles.

Gleason received her PhD from the University of California at Berkeley. Her BS and MS degrees are from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she also won All-American honors in swimming.
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Catherine Havasi
Co-Founder & CEO
Luminoso Technologies
Dr. Catherine Havasi Co-Founded Luminoso Technologies, Inc. in 2010 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Havasi has been researching language and learning for nearly fifteen years. She is a research scientist in artificial intelligence and computational linguistics at the MIT Media Lab. She co-founded the Open Mind Common Sense project, which uses information about the world to understand natural language text and make computers easier to use.
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Masuo Ichikawa
Director and Chief Commercial Officer
Repertoire Genesis
Masuo Ichikawa is a director of Repertoire Genesis, a company dedicated to effective precision medicine by providing platform technology on the immune system, particularly regarding the behavior of T and B cells and disease-specific genetic mutations. As Chief Commercial Officer of Repertoire Genesis, Masuo is focused on the activities relating to corporate strategy, strategic partnerships and marketing to drive business growth.
He has a strong business development skill with more than 15 years experience in healthcare and biotechnology industry. Prior to joining Repertoire Genesis, He worked as a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Abbott Labs. He holds a bachelor degree of life science from The University of Tokyo.
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Seigo Izumo
Senior Vice President, Global Head of Regenerative Medicine Unit and Head of Scientific Affairs in Japan
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company
Dr. Seigo Izumo is Senior Vice President, Global Head of Regenerative Medicine Unit and Head of Scientific Affairs in Japan at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. Previously he served as Senior VP & Head of Cardiovascular Therapeutics at Gilead Sciences, and VP & Global Head of Cardiovascular Research at Novartis. Prior to joining the industry, Dr. Izumo was Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Director of Cardiovascular Research at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and Chief of Cardiology Division. In addition, he was Professor of Internal Medicine & Biological Chemistry and Director of the Center for Organogenesis at University of Michigan Medical School. Dr. Izumo graduated from University of Tokyo and received clinical and research training at Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Hospital and The Children's Hospital in Boston. He is a board-certified physician in internal medicine and cardiovascular disease.
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Masuhiro Kato
Project Professor of the Translational Research Initiative, The University of Tokyo
Senior Advisor to the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) Japan
Honorary Advisor on Life Sciences to the UK Trade & Investment Department of the British Embassy in Japan
Masuhiro Kato, M.D., is Project Professor of the Translational Research Initiative, The University of Tokyo, Senior Advisor to the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) Japan, and Honorary Advisor on Life Sciences to the UK Trade & Investment Department of the British Embassy in Japan.

Dr. Kato graduated from Yokohama National University Department of Applied Engineering. After completing a Master’s degree in Life Sciences at Tokyo Institute of Technology, he obtained a doctorate in Medicine from Gunma University. And he joined Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. After assignment to the Gunma University School of Medicine Microbiology Laboratory, he transferred to the Drug Development Department of Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd., and transferring to the company’s Dusseldorf office (Germany). He subsequently served as International Pharmaceutical Affairs Manager for Zeneca Group PLC (U.K.), and held positions as Manager of Pharmaceutical Survey Department, Manager of Pharmaceutical Affairs Department, Director and Vice-Head of Research and Development plus Manager of Pharmaceutical Affairs Department at Zeneca K.K. (Japan). After the company became AstraZeneca K.K (Japan), his appointments included, chronologically, Director and Vice-Head of Research and Development plus Manager of Pharmaceutical Affairs Department, Vice President and Head of Research and Development, President and CEO, and Chairman. Dr. Kato is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program. He has also served as Chairman of EFPIA Japan’s Technology Committee, as well as Vice-Chairman, Chairman of the organization, and Executive Director of Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA).
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Chizuko Koseki
President and CEO
TAGCyx Biotechnologies
Dr. Chizuko Koseki, CEO at TAGCyx Biotechnologies, is currently focusing on successful expansion of its innovative oligonucleotide platform technology for drug discovery. Previously, she founded and served as Director of transB Ltd. and was also on the Board of Directors for Stelic Institute & Co., a Tokyo-based, privately owned Japanese biotech company until Nov 2008. Prior to founding transB, Dr. Koseki was Vice President at Sosei Co. Ltd and was based in the UK for eight years. Before that, she was worked in the UK as a consultant for various Japanese health care companies, did research at the National Cardiovascular Research Institute (Japan), was a Visiting Scientist in Colombia and Florida Universities (USA), and was an Associate Professor at Tokyo University (Japan). Dr. Koseki holds a Ph.D in pharmacology from Tokyo University, Medical department.
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Thanos Kosmidis
Co-founder & CEO
Care Across
Thanos Kosmidis is the co-founder and CEO at Care Across, a global meeting point for cancer patients and caregivers that supports and empowers them while accelerating oncology research and development. The company is currently part of the MassChallenge UK accelerator in London.

After gaining an academic background in computer science, telecommunications, and business, Mr. Kosmidis worked for telecom operators in the United States and Greece. During his 10 years at Verizon, WIND, and Cosmote, he gradually shifted from the technical side to the commercial one while maintaining a strong focus on the customer.

Recently, Mr. Kosmidis left his post as a deputy director at the leading fixed and mobile operator in the Balkans in order to start and build Care Across.
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Karl F. Koster
Executive Director
MIT Corporate Relations
Day 1, 10:30
Karl F. Koster is the Executive Director of the MIT Corporate Relations. The MIT Corporate Relations includes the MIT Industrial Liaison Program, which celebrated 69 years of service to the Institute and its corporate partners in 2017, and MIT Startup Exchange.

In that capacity, Mr. Koster and his staff work with the leadership of MIT and senior corporate executives to design and implement strategies for fostering corporate partnerships with the Institute. Mr. Koster and his team have also worked to identify and design a number of major international programs for MIT, which have been characterized by the establishment of strong, programmatic linkages among universities, industry, and governments. Most recently these efforts have been extended to engage the surrounding innovation eco-system, including its vibrant startup and small company community, into MIT's global corporate and university networks.

Mr. Koster also serves as the Chairman of the University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP), an organization that seeks to enhance the value of collaborative partnerships between universities and corporations.

Mr. Koster graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in geology and economics in 1974, and received a M.S. from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 1980. At the Sloan School he concentrated in international business management and the management of technological innovation. Prior to returning to MIT, Mr. Koster worked as a management consultant in Europe, Latin America, and the United States on projects for private and public sector organizations.
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Sham Nikam
Vice President, Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Takeda Pharmaceutical
Dr. Sham Nikam is Vice President, Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Takeda and is based in Shonan/Fujisawa, Japan. In this role, he is responsible for identifying entrepreneurship opportunities for Takeda employees to launch biotech startups using innovative Takeda technology or therapeutic assets.

Prior to this role, Dr. Nikam was the head of the Extra Value Generation Drug Discovery Unit the mission of which was to deliver novel therapeutic options for high unmet medical needs by identifying new utilities for current and past Takeda assets. Prior to Takeda, he was the Head of Global Discovery at Nycomed in Germany, a Zurich based pharmaceutical company, and also served in leadership roles at Parke-Davis/Pfizer, Smith Kline and French Labs, and Sandoz.
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Andrew M Radin
Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer
Andrew M Radin is Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of twoXAR, a company dedicated to transforming how large biological datasets are harnessed to accelerate the identification and validation of new medicines. As Chief Marketing Officer of twoXAR, Andrew is focused on understanding the market, identifying partners, and communicating the business. He formerly worked as an investor in venture and private equity funds at Macquarie Bank and has designed, built, and managed several small organizations. Andrew co-founded a mobile platform startup while at MIT.

Andrew holds a Master in Business Administration degree from MIT Sloan, a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry and cell biology from UC San Diego, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from UC San Diego.
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John Roberts
Associate Director, Corporate Relations
MIT Industrial Liaison Program
John Roberts joined the Office of Corporate Relations in September, 2013 as Senior Industrial Liaison Officer. He was promoted to Associate Director, Corporate Relations in September 2016.

Roberts comes to OCR with many years of experience as an expert process chemist, a project manager, an alliance manager, and with cross-functional leadership experience in large pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies. In the five years prior to joining the OCR, he worked at Sirtris (a division of GlaxoSmithKline) in Cambridge as VP Pharmaceutics & Strategy. Prior to that, he spent nine years in various roles including four years as Scientific Manager, Outsourced Projects US for GlaxoSmithKline in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Before that, he was at Eisai Research Institute in Andover as Senior Scientist and at Procept Inc. in Cambridge as Principal Investigator, Medicinal Chemistry.

Roberts holds a B.A. Chemistry from Clark University in Worcester, MA and a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from MIT where his advisor was the late Professor Satoru Masamune. His Thesis title was "Total Synthesis of Bryostatin 7." Roberts is fluent in Portuguese and has co-authored many publications and patents.
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Hiroaki Suga
Professor of Chemistry
University of Tokyo
Hiroaki Suga is a Professor of the Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science in the University of Tokyo. He was born in Okayama City, Japan in 1963. He received his Bachelor of Engineering (1986) and Master of Engineering (1989) from Okayama University under supervision of Prof. S. Torii, and Ph. D. in Chemistry (1994) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under supervision of Prof. S. Masamune.

After three years of post-doctoral work with Prof. J. W. Szostak in Massachusetts General Hospital, he was appointed as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry in the State University of New York at Buffalo (1997) and promoted to the tenured Associate Professor (2002). In 2003, he moved to the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology in the University of Tokyo as an Associate Professor, and soon after he was promoted to Full Professor. In 2010, he changed his affiliation to the Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science.

His research interests are in the field of bioorganic chemistry, chemical biology and biotechnology related to RNA, translation, and peptides. He is also a founder of PeptiDream Inc. Tokyo, a publicly traded company, which has many partnerships with pharmaceutical companies worldwide.
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Naoki Tarui
Co-Founder & CEO, SeedSupply
Dr. Naoki Tarui co-founded SEEDSUPPLY Inc. in May, 2017 where he focuses on improvement of the early drug discovery process using innovative technologies. Prior to SEEDSUPPLY, Dr. Tarui was engaged in drug discovery at Takeda for 20 years. His efforts in technology, especially regarding the construction of chemical libraries and systematic screening of those libraries, successively identified dozens of drug candidates. He won the Pharmaceutical Society Japan Award for Drug Research and Development ’16. Dr. Tarui holds Ph.D. in biochemistry from Osaka Prefecture University.
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Yukio Yamada
CSO, Scohia Pharma
Dr. Yukio Yamada is the CSO and a co-founder of Scohia Pharma, Inc. The company was initiated in April, 2017. Dr. Yamada has worked in the area of cardiovascular, renal, and metabolic diseases for approximately 30 years. Before his involvement with Scohia Pharma, he served as Head of Metabolic Disease Drug Discovery Unit and then became Associate Head of the Cardiovascular & Metabolic Drug Discovery Unit, both at Takeda. Prior to these positions Dr. Yamada worked in the Strategic Research Planning Department as Director of Project Lead and Research Alliance. While at Takeda, he contributed to the progress of many drugs such as ACTOS, NESINA, ZAFATEK, and AZILVA.

Yukio holds PhD in medicine from Osaka University.
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