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Past Conferences

Conference Details - Agenda

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2017 MIT Startup Showcase Japan

Life Science | Entrepreneurship | Innovation Ecosystems
October 18, 2017
Day 01 All

The Takeda Shonan Research Center is 10-15 minutes by taxi from Fujisawa Station or Ofuna Station. It is suggested that you arrive at one of these two stations between 9:15 and 9:45 in order to arrive in time for the 10:00 start.


Coffee, Registration & Networking




Ecosystem created in Shonan (Takeda)
* Entrepreneurship Venture Program and Space-Sharing, Dr. Sham Nikam
* SeedSupply, CEO Naoki Tarui, seedsupply.co.jp
* Scohia Pharma, CSO Yukio Yamada, scohia.com


Networking Break


Translational Research Initiative at U Tokyo and academic-derived startups in Japan
* Entrepreneurship from academia, Dr. Masuhiro Kato, Project Professor of the Translational Research Initiative
* TAGCYX Biotechnologies, - CEO Chizuko Koseki, tagcyx.com
* Repertoire Genesis, Director & CEO Masuo Ichikawa, repertoire.co.jp


MIT Startup Lightning Talks
MIT Startup Exchange actively promotes collaboration and partnerships between MIT-connected startups and industry. Qualified startups are those founded and/or led by MIT faculty, staff, or alumni, or are based on MIT-licensed technology. Industry participants are principally members of MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program (ILP).

MIT Startup Exchange maintains a propriety database of over 1,500 MIT-connected startups with roots across MIT departments, labs and centers; it hosts a robust schedule of startup workshops and showcases, and facilitates networking and introductions between startups and corporate executives.

STEX25 is a startup accelerator within MIT Startup Exchange, featuring 25 “industry ready” startups that have proven to be exceptional with early use cases, clients, demos, or partnerships, and are poised for significant growth. STEX25 startups receive promotion, travel, and advisory support, and are prioritized for meetings with ILP’s 230 member companies.

MIT Startup Exchange and ILP are integrated programs of MIT Corporate Relations.

* Startup Exchange (STEX), John Roberts, Associate Director Corporate Relations
* BioBright, CEO Charles Fracchia, biobright.com
* TwoXAR, Co-founder Andrew M Radin, twoxar.com
* CareAcross, CEO Thanos Kosmidis, careacross.com
* DoDOC, CSO Carlos Boto, dodoc.com
* Luminoso, CEO Catherine Havasi, luminoso.com
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Lunch and Interactive Startup Exhibition


Academic Innovator - PeptiDream: From Invention to Innovation


Academic Innovator - The Story of GVD Corporation and MIT’s Role in the Startup Community


Networking Break


Panel Discussion: Encouraging innovation in university labs, companies, and venture organizations
What are the new models emerging? How do these models interact? How to support innovators to create products of the future.

* Moderator: John Roberts
* Panels: Prof. Karen Gleason, Dr. Masuhiro Kato, Prof. Hiroaki Suga, Dr. Sham Nikam


Shonan Health Innovation Park Initiative by Takeda


Participants explore the Takeda Facility