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MIT Media Lab (E14, 6th floor)

Disruption. It’s one of the most overused words in technology and innovation, but whether we like it or not, it’s here, it’s persistent, and it’s necessary. With the pandemic as status quo for two years, its disruptions continue to reverberate, revealing weaknesses across the global supply chain and beyond. Climate change is also disrupting the world economy, and in response, the world increasingly shows a willingness to address these challenges by disrupting the way we do business now and in the future. Underneath all of this lies technology – a disruptive force in and of itself, but also a key part of the global reaction to these unavoidable disruptions.

Both historically and currently, MIT has played a key role in studying and responding to disruption. In manufacturing industries, we are helping to design resilient supply chains, flexible and automated plants and equipment, sustainable transportation alternatives for distribution, immersive technologies to enable global collaboration, and many other innovations well-suited to the present “new normal” in which change is the only certainty. 

In this focused one-day event, the MIT Industrial Liaison Program and MIT Startup Exchange, in partnership with our industrial members and the MIT innovation ecosystem, will examine the state of manufacturing today, what we have learned in the past two years (and more), and where things might go in the future. We’ll hear from MIT faculty and researchers, MIT-connected startups, and industry experts, all of us working together to seek a new normal. 

Wed, March 16, 2022
Auditorio de la Fundacion Ramon Areces

Global climate change presents us with unprecedented challenges. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that increasing greenhouse gas concentrations have caused the majority of the planet’s rapid warming over the past century. Scientists agree that there are significant risks to humans and all life on Earth if this warming continues; however, there is currently no singular remedy to replace the widespread use of fossil fuels. No one energy technology alone can provide a cheap and reliable alternative capable of supporting the world’s growing energy needs.

MIT Professors Sergey Paltsev and Dennis Whyte will share their perspectives on the world’s technology options, the economic and climate impacts of energy decisions, and the future of fusion, fusion technologies, economic viability, and a path to commercialization.

Additionally, MIT Researchers Howard Herzog and Peter Godard will address the potential of carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS). They’ll explore how CCS can help the world reach net-zero emissions, as well as how we can turn energy-dense scrap aluminum into a water-reactive fuel for clean hydrogen generation.

Thu, March 17, 2022
Thu, March 31, 2022
Tue, April 12, 2022
Boston Marriott Cambridge

Nano technology is all around us – in the buildings, infrastructure, and transportation systems we rely on every day.  But nano’s impacts on the built environment are accelerating, helping make cities more sustainable, efficient, smarter, and healthier.  Please join us as we present, discuss, and explore nano-enhanced cities and how the world is evolving from the nano-scale up.  We’ll help redefine your understanding of what nano technology is and how it is reinventing the built environment as we know it.

Wed, April 13, 2022
Live Online

How can leaders harness the power of these open innovation ecosystems around the globe or in a specific region of interest for their organizations? Based on MIT's research into the science of innovation ecosystems, this course equips executives and government leaders with the high-level frameworks and tools necessary to understand corporate innovation and entrepreneurship in the ecosystems around them, shift to a more effective ecosystem-based open innovation approach, and design programs to engage effectively with external stakeholders.

April 21 - 22, 2022
Kaleva Auditorium at Dipoli
Tue, April 26, 2022
Boston Marriott Cambridge
Wed, May 4, 2022