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MIT Startup Exchange is convening an MIT Startup Exchange Demo Day on Thursday, September 12, 2024. (12 PM – 1:15 PM ET). The event will feature several exciting industry-ready startups in brief lightning talks, and Q&A. Breakout rooms will follow at the end of the event.

Thu, September 12, 2024

Discover the forefront of digital transformation at the 2024 MIT Digital Technology and Strategy Conference. Building upon the groundbreaking research at MIT, this year's event focuses on the pivotal role of Generative AI in reshaping industries and driving innovation.

September 17 - 18, 2024
Leading Edge Webinar

Explore MIT's groundbreaking sustainable fuels research in this Leading-Edge webinar, which showcases innovative solutions for a cleaner, greener energy future.

Thu, September 19, 2024

This webinar will bring together leading experts, researchers, and industry professionals to discuss cutting-edge developments in advanced materials, additive manufacturing, digital twins, and smart manufacturing systems.

Thu, October 10, 2024
Boston Marriott Cambridge

Join MIT's global community at the 2024 Research and Development Conference on November 19-20, 2024, to explore groundbreaking innovations in AI, mobility, life sciences, space tech, microelectronics, and quantum computing and celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL).

November 19 - 20, 2024