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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
March 6 - 7, 2024
Virtual/Remote Event

MIT Startup Exchange is convening a new installment of its quarterly Demo Day on Wednesday, March 13 (12 PM – 1:15 PM ET). The event will feature lightning talks and Q&A, followed by breakout rooms.

Wed, March 13, 2024
Leading Edge Webinar

Explore the transformative impact of Generative AI in various industries with MIT experts and industry speakers in this Leading Edge webinar, designed for corporate executives, tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals alike. Delve into the technology, applications, and real-world implications, as Generative AI emerges as a forefront player in the next technological revolution.

Thu, March 14, 2024
Antofagasta (April 2) and Santiago (April 4)

Join us in Antofagasta or Santiago and discover the impact of societal trends on mining operations. Explore essential advancements such as artificial intelligence optimization, decarbonization, electromobility, remote processing, robotics, and automation. Delve into the implications of these technologies for mining operations and explore how technological advances can be applied to the industry, mitigating economic and environmental risks.

April 2 - 4, 2024
Boston Marriott Cambridge

The 2024 MIT Health Science Technology Conference will highlight broad and transformative trends in biology and healthcare, including early-stage discovery, immune cell responses, diagnostics, clinical capabilities, process development, rapid and continuous manufacturing, robotics and automation, and sustainability, all enhanced by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Leading MIT researchers and MIT-connected startups will showcase these advances and discuss their implications for improving human health.

April 10 - 11, 2024
Boston Marriott Cambridge

The 2024 MIT Startup Ecosystem Conference is a celebration of entrepreneurship, offering a window into the exciting technology, projects, and research being led by the MIT community and beyond.

The conference is a must-attend for executives at industry-leading corporations, especially those working in innovation, emerging technology, corporate venture capital, and/or corporate development/strategy.

Tue, April 30, 2024