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On Campus

The Certificate Program delivered in collaboration with the MIT Center for Real Estate will help you overcome roadblocks, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and excel in the ever-evolving world of global real estate. 

June 5 - 17, 2022
Live Online

Our organizations – designed for optimal performance — work well under normal conditions, but are vulnerable to failure when the unexpected occurs. How do we design systems that work efficiently under typical conditions, yet respond resiliently to “unknown unknowns”?  This course provides business leaders with a practical approach to assess and build organizational resiliency. Learn how systems thinking and continuous improvement can help your team identify problems before they occur and fundamentally alter your organization’s ability to effectively respond when they do. Understand the role hidden factories and irregular operations play in contributing to catastrophic events, and how this knowledge can be leveraged to reverse their effects. Leave with a playbook for improving the resilience of your company.

June 6 - 8, 2022
Live Virtual

Learn how to apply discrete choice techniques; analyze challenges related to data collection, model formulation, estimation, testing, and forecasting; and assess online applications that drive optimization and personalization of results.

June 6 - 10, 2022
Hyatt Centric Mountain View

This one-day event will bring together industry leaders, thought leaders, innovators and disruptors around the topic of Sustainability. We will explore sustainability and its business implications across industries from the perspective of senior corporate leaders, startup founders, investors and world class MIT faculty via keynotes, panel discussion, lightning talks and startup exhibits. Topic should appeal to a broad cross section of senior executives regardless of industry.

Wed, June 22, 2022

This program offers a fresh approach—a doer's approach—to innovating. Aspiring innovators will explore how to turn their “hunches” into tangible, real-world problems by learning to envision the organizations that can solve them. You will discover the advantages of converting challenges into opportunities and acquire the necessary tools and techniques to work with parts and people to move forward in your innovating.

July 6 - 31, 2022
MIT Conference Series -- Fall 2022

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Tentative Schedule for Fall 2022

Thu, September 1, 2022
Boston Marriott Cambridge

Here at MIT, sustainability can mean many things. New materials for everything from electronics to infrastructure which are both functional and kind to the environment. “Green” government and corporate policies which regulate energy and greenhouse gas production. Innovative urban planning for a city of the future which is efficient, but also accessible and abundant. Whether stated in economic, environmental, social, or technological terms, sustainability is the capacity to endure – to consume, grow, and thrive – but not to be consumed and perish in the process. Join us for 2022 MIT Sustainability Conference: Technologies and Industry which explores how MIT and its community of researchers and corporate members are leading the way in sustainability research.

September 20 - 21, 2022
Boston Marriott Cambridge

The annual MIT Digital Technology and Strategy Conference explores the latest research from across the Institute and its potential impact across industries. The conference highlights MIT's cutting-edge research in areas such as digital platforms, data monetization, quantum computing, digital materials, wireless and satellite communications, human-computer interactions, ML and data science in process automation, formal models for design reuse decisions, digital innovation, and more. 

October 12 - 13, 2022
Boston Marriott Cambridge

Long before the current pandemic, MIT has fostered a culture which believes that innovation is about change, and that change is about resiliency. Enduring and recovering from difficult technical, environmental, and personal challenges depends on how quickly we can innovate a solution around them. New technologies which succeed are those which can adapt to different settings, promise widespread application, and most importantly, stay flexible in a constantly changing business environment. 

Please join us at our annual MIT Research and Development Conference on November 15-16, 2022. Meet MIT researchers, MIT Startup Exchange entrepreneurs, and global business leaders working in a spectrum of the various fields.

November 15 - 16, 2022