Entry Date:
March 1, 2023

Tech for Good

Principal Investigator Andrew McAfee

Associated Departments, Labs & Centers

Project Website https://ide.mit.edu/research-group/tech-for-good/

Project Start Date July 2022

How can technology continue to drive positive progress in our world? Do we need to constrain growth or embrace it in order to improve both the human condition and the state of nature?

Technology is the most disruptive force in human history, ushering in a new era of unprecedented health, convenience, and prosperity. At the same time, we acknowledge the potential for peril as we innovate. We need to constantly reframe the conversation and mindfully reexamine our tools and our goals, not only asking “What will technology do to our economy, society, and environment?” but rather, “What will we do with technology?” The Tech for Good research group amplifies the IDE’s ongoing position that we need faster, more inclusive technology progress and access-- not a slowdown --to meet today’s needs and those of the future. By examining the technologies, business models, and organizations that are shaping the future of the world, we aim to accelerate and ensure the broad, positive progress that innovation drives in our economy, society, and environment.