Entry Date:
April 13, 2022

Reinventing Climate Change Adaptation with the Climate Resilience Early Warning System (CREWSnet)

Principal Investigators Elfatih Eltahir , John Aldridge

Project Start Date April 2022

Global climate change is exacting a heavy toll on vulnerable populations worldwide. CREWSnet will integrate state-of-the-art climate science, impact modeling, and accessible decision support tools within an established humanitarian and social development environment. Starting with the most climate-vulnerable areas of Bangladesh, our vision is to build and demonstrate the CREWSnet forecasting system, development model, and intervention tools within five years, with the intent to expand and transition this capability for sustainment as a global public good. To achieve true impact in climate adaptation, the solutions created must be linked to those in need by organizations equally committed to social and humanitarian progress. BRAC, a project partner headquartered in Dhaka, is widely admired for its vision, durability, and scale, and brings inclusive and evidence-based economic development, climate resilience, and humanitarian assistance programs to more than 100 million people globally.