Taegyun Moon

Program Director


Phone: (617) 253-0435


julie Handorff
Phone: (617) 253-6990


Dr. Taegyun Moon joined Corporation Relations in October 2021 as Program Director. Moon will be working in the Life Science group.

Dr. Moon left his current position as Chief Strategy Officer at Aspen Imaging Healthcare in Plano, TX. In his role at Aspen, he has led new business development and, among other accomplishments, launched a new product through his partnership with Samsung. With some authorized overlap with Aspen, Moon also led strategy and business development for NeuroNexus Technologies (a University of Michigan spinoff) in Ann Arbor. Before that, he spent more than five years with Samsung Economic Research institute in Seoul as a Principal Research Analyst focusing on medical devices, pharma, and the digital health industries. Other positions held include Consultant at Boston Consulting Group (Seoul), Associate at McKinsey & Company (Seoul), CEO Jingfugong Food Inc. (Qingdao, China), and Research Assistant in the Neural Engineering Lab at the University of Michigan.

Moon earned his B.S. and M.S. both in Mechanical Engineering at the Korea University in Seoul, and his Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He speaks Korean (native) and Chinese in addition to English.