Entry Date:
August 4, 2018

MIT Mobility Initiative (MMI)

Principal Investigator Jinhua Zhao

Co-investigators Annie Hudson , John Moavenzadeh

Mobility and transportation are in the midst of profound transformation with an unprecedented combination of new technologies (autonomy, electrification, and AI) meeting new and evolving priorities and objectives (decarbonization, public health, and social justice). And the timeframe for these changes – decarbonization in particular – is short in a system with massive amounts of fixed, long-life assets and entrenched behaviors and cultures.

The complexity of today’s mobility system calls for multiple levels of coordination and collaboration to overcome and shape the system’s pending challenges over both the short and long terms. The Mobility Initiative has been founded for that purpose: to convene key stakeholders in order to help drive innovation forward while providing strategic guidance to navigate today’s challenges and to build a mobility system that is sustainable, safe, clean, and accessible.

Researchers at MIT are at the forefront of today's profound changes in mobility and transportation. From helping cities shape sustainable travel behavior to harnessing artificial intelligence to improving network performance to designing automated and electric vehicles, MIT researchers are pushing the boundaries of technology and system development and leading analytical and computational innovation--while simultaneously driving emerging conversations about changing objectives and institutions. The themes below exhibit the wide-ranging research underway at the Institute.