Prof. Andreas S Schulz

Research Affiliate
Patrick J McGovern (1959) Professor of Management
Professor of Mathematics of Operations Research

Primary DLC

MIT Sloan School of Management

MIT Room: E62-571

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Applied Mathematics
Combinatorial Optimization
Decision Making (Decision Support)
Game Theory
Integer Programming
Mathematical Programming
Operations Research
Optimal Control
Operations Research Application to Project Management
Vehicle Routing
Management Science (MS)

Research Summary

Andreas S. Schulz is an expert in operations research -- the science of making better decisions based on profound mathematical models. A trained mathematician, he focuses on advancing the understanding of the theoretical limits of today’s optimization methods in view of incomplete information, non-coordinated decision making, or limited computational power. His industrial collaborations include projects in telecommunications network design, vehicle routing, and scheduling.

(summary updated 11/2011)

Recent Work