Prof. Matthew J Lang

Research Affiliate

Primary DLC

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Optical Tweezers for Holding Molecules
Measurement Devices for Molecular Interactions
Biomolecular Mechanics
Instrumentation and Control
Biological Imaging and Functional Measurement

Research Summary

Professor Lang's general research interests lie in elucidating the inner-workings of proteins, enzymes and biological motors, using instrumentation that combines optical tweezers, single molecule fluorescence and pulsed spectroscopy. This research will be directed towards developing a molecular level description of the motions associated with structural, mechanical, dynamic and energetic changes of these biological systems. Through these emerging technologies, significant advances in the ability to measure receptor/ligand interactions, the inner-workings of biological motors and interactions between multi-unit protein complexes will be achieved, thus providing a deeper understanding of these biological systems.

Recent Work