Arnav Kapur

Graduate Student

Primary DLC

Program in Media Arts and Sciences

Recent Work

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    Arnav Kapur - 2019 RD Conference

    November 20, 2019Conference Video Duration: 31:56

    Extended Computing: Artificial Intelligence as a natural extension of Human Cognition

    We are currently at an inflection point as artificially intelligent (AI) systems gain capabilities to handle complex tasks in various domains. In this talk, I discuss how machine intelligence could be a direct and complementary extension of human intelligence. I investigate how computing, artificially intelligent systems, and the internet could be directly coupled with the human experience to augment and extend human cognition and abilities. The talk presents recent work on the AlterEgo system, a peripheral neural interface that enables people to silently and internally converse with machines — without voice and discernible movements, and discusses how the human-computer interface can for the first time become endogenous to the human user, changing our relationship with computing and thereby enabling people in different ways. Through the lens of extended computing, I discuss our work investigating AI systems functioning as complements to human cognitive abilities in pursuits as diverse as gene sequencing to human self-expression.

    2019 MIT Research and Development Conference