Entry Date:
November 20, 2013

DiaMonD Center: An Integrated Multifaceted Approach to Mathematics

Principal Investigator Karen Willcox

Co-investigators Ruben Juanes , Luis Cueto-Felgueroso

Project Website http://dmd.mit.edu/home

The DiaMonD Center addresses the challenges of end-to-end, data-to-decisions modeling and simulation for complex problems in computational science and engineering in a unified and integrated way. DiaMonD Center goals are (1) to develop advanced mathematical methods for multiphysics and multiscale problems driven by frontier DOE applications, including those in subsurface energy and environmental flows, materials for energy storage and conversion, and climate systems; (2) to create theory and algorithms for integrated inversion, optimization, and uncertainty quantification for these complex problems; and (3) to disseminate the Center's "data-to-decisions" approach to the broader applied math and computational science communities through workshops and other forms of outreach.

Research areas include:
Multiphysics Methods
Multiscale Methods
Fast Algorithms
Model Validation & Inadequacy
Multimodel & Multifidelity Methods
Model Reduction
Inverse Problems & Data Fusion
Optimal Design & Control
Uncertainty Quantification