Entry Date:
April 19, 2019

MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge (MIT IIC)

Technology is the most disruptive force in human history, ushering in a new era of unprecedented health, convenience, and prosperity. Yet many people are not experiencing the benefits of this progress, despite actively seeking to more fully participate in and profit from new educational, financial, and work opportunities.

At MIT, we believe that inclusive innovation -- the use of technology to generate increased economic opportunity for moderate and low income earners – is an imperative with a tight deadline. The question we should be asking ourselves at this historic moment isn’t “what is technology going to do to our economy and society,” but rather “what will we do with technology?”

The IIC is MIT's premier Future of Work prize. We award over one million dollars to entrepreneurs using technology to drive economic opportunity for workers. The 3rd Annual IIC is a global tournament, launched in five regions -- Europe, Latin America, North America, Africa, and Asia -- in March 2018.

The IIC awards over one million dollars in prizes to future of work entrepreneurs in four categories that holistically represent the solution types necessary to build an economy that works for all in the digital era.

Many organizations and individuals are increasingly focused on Inclusive Innovation, shared prosperity, and the future of work as paramount topics to address in today’s digital economy. We are fortunate to have the support of leading changemakers in this space. Sponsors’ engagement as regional collaborators, judges, outreach partners, media collaborators, and financial supporters has made our expanded and more inclusive global tournament possible, broadening our impact on the Inclusive Innovation movement.