Entry Date:
January 28, 2010

Network Architecture

Principal Investigator David Clark

Co-investigators Karen Sollins , John Wroclawski , Chintan Vaishnav

The members of the ANA (Advanced Network Architecture) group have been concerned with the fundamental design principles that underlie networks such as the Internet. Early work in this area include the articulationof the end-to-end arguments, and the description of application layer framing (ALF). Names and naming have been a long-term interest. More recent work includes the concept of "Tussle" and tussle spaces, development of the concept of regions within an Internet and the knowledge plane as a new abstraction for network management.

Current work is centered on the NSF FIND program. The Future Internet Design
FIND (Future Internet Design) is a major initiative of the NSF NeTS research program. FIND invites the research community to consider what the requirements should be for a global network of 15 years from now. The philosophy of the program is to help conceive the future by momentarily letting go of the present - freeing our collective minds from the constraints of the current state of networking.