Entry Date:
May 24, 2007

Distributed Robotics Lab (DRL)

Principal Investigator Daniela Rus

Co-investigator Nora Ayanian

The Distributed Robotics Laboratory began as the Dartmouth Robotics Laboratory in the Computer Science Department at Dartmouth College. There the Molecule and Crystal robots were developed, along with several other robot systems including the Inchworm mobile robot, a desktop paper manipulation robot, and a set of robots which cooperated to manipulate furniture. The lab moved to MIT CSAIL in 2004 when Daniela Rus became a professor in the EECS department at MIT.

Work spans areas including modular and self-reconfiguring robots, distributed algorithms and systems of self-organizing robots, networks of robots and sensors for first-responders, mobile sensor networks, animals and robots, cooperative underwater robotics, desktop robotics, and forming, moving, and navigating sparse 2D and 3D structures.