Entry Date:
May 9, 2006

MIT-India Program (MISTI)

Principal Investigator Pawan Sinha

Co-investigator Nureen Das

Experience India first-hand. Opportunities include: paid internships at companies, research institutes, universities, government agencies, international non-governmental organizations, and local non-profits.

Contributing to India’s existing and emerging needs, we provide MIT students and faculty an opportunity to be at the forefront of India’s research, technology, and innovation activities. By conducting research and participating in internships and workshops at India’s world-class companies, universities, research centers, startups and NGOs, MIT-India cultivates opportunities to learn through impact.

A one-of-a kind, world-class experience to gain real-life work experience in India in leading companies, universities, research centers and start-ups in environmental sciences & energy; research institute & public health; software development and solutions; urban planning & architecture; socioeconomic development and change.