Entry Date:
February 13, 2000

Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium (MASGC)

Principal Investigator Jeffrey Hoffman

Co-investigators Raji Patel , Helen Halaris

To further the development of space science and space engineering opportunities, the Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium (MASGC) funds a multi-disciplinary educational program. The MASGC is one of 52 Space Consortia established by NASA under the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program created by Congress in 1987.

Massachusetts Space Grant is a consortium of 4-year colleges and universities, community colleges, and public outreach organizations. MASGC's primary goal is to represent NASA in Massachusetts, to promote public understanding of and support for space exploration and research, and to encourage students to choose courses of study that will lead them to enter the technical work force. One of MASGC's primary activities is providing fellowships to Massachusetts students to enable them to engage in study and research projects and to attend meetings that they would not be able to do without Space Grant support.

The goals of MASGC are:
(1) To support the National agenda to develop a strong science, mathematics and technology education base from elementary through university levels.
(2) To promote space related research, education, business opportunities, and public service in Massachusetts.
(3) To recruit and train students of all ages for careers in aeronautics, space science, and related technologies.
(4) To encourage women, minorities and persons with disabilities to pursue their interests in space.

Over the last ten years many leading members of American aerospace industry have provided funds, jobs and technical contributions to our educational programs. The Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium is dedicated to supporting aerospace industry nationwide by providing educational opportunities for future generations of engineers and scientists and by fostering public interest in the U.S. Space Program. We would like to recognize the companies who have participated and express our appreciation for all that their participation has made possible.

These companies play a major role in helping us meet our matching obligation to NASA by providing both direct and indirect contributions to our programs. Without corporate contributions many of the Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium’s programs would not be possible.