Dr. Nevin M Summers

Executive Director, MIT Synthetic Biology Center
Research Scientist
Registered Architect

Primary DLC

Department of Biological Engineering

MIT Room: NE47-287

Research Summary

Nevin Summers' research interests include sensing, computing and controlling operations in mammalian cells using dynamic strand displacement cascades comprised of ectopically expressed synthetic polyribonucleotide sequences.

Research interest:

Organize with colleagues a multi-disciplined initiative to:
(1) Apply systems biology, synthetic biology and genome design engineering to reverse the six decade decline in the productivity of the pharmaceutical industry R&D/Manufacturing value chain.

(2) Change the innovation economics of post-genomic medicines to behave like Moore’s Law, thereby both exponentially decreasing cost and increasing demand, just as semiconductor-based computer products have been doing for four decades.

(3) Expand drug accessibility and affordability on a global scale through philanthropic, governmental and commercial market-driven means.

Recent Work