Dr. Janice A Klein

Senior Lecturer

Primary DLC

MIT Sloan School of Management

MIT Room: E40-315

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Change Management
Changing Work Environments
Employee Motivation
Engineering Management
Human Resource Management
Management of Engineers and Scientists
Managing Change
Manufacturing Management
Operations Management
Organizational Change
Organizational Culture
Organizational Design and Performance
Virtual Teams and Organization
Working Virtually
Ford Motor Company-MIT Alliance
Management Science (MS)

Research Summary

Klein focuses on integrating the social and technical aspects of organizational change. Her research, teaching, and consulting are grounded in such resources and initiatives as workplace management, job design, organizational change, and the changing role of lower levels of management in response to the introduction of new technology and employee empowerment. Klein is currently studying the impact of organizational culture on knowledge transfer and the development and maintenance of high performance globally dispersed teams.

Recent Work