Entry Date:
November 5, 2012

Cloud of Things

Auto-ID Labs’ recently launched “Cloud of Things” initiative joins several ongoing projects at the Auto-ID Labs to connect physical objects -- such as vehicles and buildings -- to the cloud.

The “Cloud of Things” builds on the “Internet of Things” (a term coined at the MIT Auto-ID Labs), where information about objects is accessed via the Internet; and machine-to-machine (M2M) computing, where wireless communication protocols enable peer-to-peer exchange of data between electronic devices. Constructing a model of an object in the cloud with a defined set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) facilitates the integration of data from heterogeneous sources more readily than trying to establish a common registry or protocol across multiple organizations.

The “Cloud of Things” initiative will bring together researchers and industry to design sponsored-research initiatives for specific companies and industries; it will also host a series of theme-focused workshops, conferences, panels, demonstrations, exhibits and pilots on various topics. Particular areas of focus will include manufacturing, retail, health care, supply chain and more. The initiative is open to companies, nonprofits and individuals interested in promoting the development, adoption and commercial success of big data applications.

The MIT Auto-ID Laboratory is dedicated to creating the Internet of Things using RFID and Wireless Sensor Networks. The aim from the start was to create a global system for tracking goods using a single numbering system called the Electronic Product Code. The Auto-ID Labs are the leading global network of academic research laboratories in the field of networked RFID. The labs comprise seven of the world's most renowned research universities located on four different continents.