Prof. Julia H Ortony

Finmeccanica Career Development Assistant Professor of Engineering

Primary DLC

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

MIT Room: 8-402


Priyanka Chaudhuri

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Molecular Engineering
Self Assembly
Energy Materials
Bioinspired Materials

Research Summary

The Ortony Lab at MIT is broadly interested in the area of applied soft matter. Soft materials are defined by their molecular (carbon-based) chemical structure and their mesophasic character, spanning the range between liquid and solid-like properties.

The Lab exploits molecular self-assembly to create nanoscale structures with targeted geometries. Using this synthesis strategy, the group create materials with an astonishing degree of internal organization on extremely small (sub-nanometer) length scales. The Ortony Lab employs a variety of highly specialized methods, from unique magnetic resonance techniques to high flux neutron and x-ray techniques. These methods allow us to probe internal structure, dynamics, and water motion with site specificity.

Recent Work