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MIT/ILP Calendar Event

2016 MIT Industry-Ready Startup Showcase

January 26, 2016, 8:30 AM - 4 PM


Meeting Opportunity, Presented by MIT ILP. Hosted by Samsung.
MIT Startup Exchange's Silicon Valley Startup showcase will be held on Tuesday, January 26, 2016, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, at Samsung Global Innovation Center, 665 Clyde Avenue, Mountain View, CA.

This event will feature a set of MIT-connected startups (many of which are fairly unknown to the Silicon Valley startup scene) and corporations across MIT STEX's seven tech clusters. There will be a panel discussion on what it means to be an industry-ready startup and also what it means to be a startup-ready corporation. Brief presentations by startups, corporations, investors, and MIT speakers will be followed by a panel discussion.

A moderated discussion will examine each startup's industry readiness from a variety of angles. Similarly, the startup readiness of corporations will be debated. Does it help to have startup specific partnership/engagement programs? Does the rack record of working with startups matter? What about transparency? How to set clear expectations for potential partnerships? What are the typical timelines from early contact to partnership etc.? What’s done to minimize friction?


08:30 AM Coffee, Registration & Networking

09:00 AM Welcome: “MIT’s Industry Ready Startups,” Trond Undheim, Ph.D., Lead, MIT Startup Exchange (STEX), Event host & MC.

09:05 AM Introductory remarks: “Connecting Industry to Research, Innovation, and Startups” Karl Koster, Executive Director, MIT Industrial Liaison Program.

09:10 AM Academic innovator keynote: Towards accelerated Healthcare Innovation, Professor Jeff M Karp, Associate Professor Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. Karp has co-founded the startups Gecko Biomedical and Skintifique.

09:20 AM Industry Keynote: “Startup Ready/Industry Ready – achieving innovation synergies across the divide”, Brendon Kim, Managing Director of Strategic Investments, Samsung Global Innovation Center

09:30 AM Lightning Talks: Doing business in Silicon Valley – our experience (4-5 minute talks from local MIT-connected startups)

"Nudging people to health & happiness through mobile tech", Julia Hu, CEO, Co-founder, Lark

"Why we need an online investment platform for deep tech", Swati Chaturvedi, CEO & co-founder, PropelX & MIT alum

"Disrupting headhunting: bringing human, peer judgement back to recruiting", Ryan Borker, COO, Shortlist

"What will happen when we put display technology on everything: curvable, bendable, and rollable displays", Conor Madigan, President and Co-Founder, Kateeva.

"Lightning fast big data analytics", Todd Mostak, CEO & co-founder, MapD & former MIT CSAIL Researcher.

"Transforming senior care with technology", Kevin Liu, CEO, Hakuna.

"Tactile AI robotics", Eduardo Torres-Jara, President, Robot Rebuilt.

"The Value of Health Data Interoperability", Martin Aboitiz, CEO & Founder, Healthjump.

Moderator: Rolf Brauchler, Director, Venture Mentoring/Bay Area, VP Entrepreneurship, MIT Club of Northern CA

09:50 AM Coffee & Networking break

10:20 AM Keynote III: “What I’ve learned from founding three dozen companies”, Robert S. Langer, David H. Koch Institute Professor, MIT (video address)

10:30 AN Academic innovator keynote: "Innovation in Energy Storage and Metals Production", Donald R. Sadoway, John F. Elliott Professor of Materials Chemistry, MIT & Founder of Ambri.

10:45 AM MIT Startup Keynotes (10 min. MIT startup founders in fintech, robotics, medtech, biotech, wearables, 3D printing, energy etc.)

“The 80/20 digital conversion: from discrete manufacturing to IoT”, Natan Linder, Co-founder, Tulip Interfaces
“How we started a Fintech hedgefund on a shoestring,” Christina Qi, CAIA, Co-founder, Partner at Domeyard LP
“Why the Manufacturing Industry needs permanently wet slippery surfaces,” Dave Smith, Co-founder & CEO, Liquiglide
“Real time analytics – Big Data Comes of Age”, Catherine Havasi, Ph.D., CEO & Co-founder, Luminoso & Research Affiliate, MIT Media Lab.
"Revolutionizing drug delivery: wearable, single-dose, and inside the human body", Andrew Bellinger, MD, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Lyndra
"Breakthrough energy efficiency tech with cross-industry application", Adam Paxson, CEO and Co-founder, Dropwise.

12:15 PM Lunch

1:25 PM Industry keynote: "Why the specialty chemicals industry invests and partners with startups", Charles W. Paul, Ph.D., Vice President – Technology, Henkel.

1:35 PM Industry keynote: "Open innovation: what it means to us", Prith Banerjee, EVP and CTO, Schneider Electric.

1:45 PM Panel Discussion: The Future of Science and Tech based Innovation

What are the trends in innovation among university spinouts, large companies and startups? Panelists will address how best to act on these trends and the new challenges/opportunities they bring for MIT-connected innovators:

Where are there opportunities for collaboration among industry, universities, governments, and startups?
What challenges do these potential collaborations face?
What are some differences between East Coast and West Coast innovation cultures—and how is this changing?
How can both established and emerging companies overcome barriers to new technology adoption?


· Christopher Chu, Director, Samsung Catalyst Fund
· Professor Jeff M Karp, Associate Professor Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology.
· Quinn Li, VP, Managing Director, Qualcomm Ventures
· Charles W. Paul, Ph.D., Vice President Technology, Henkel Adhesives
· Ronjon Nag, Director, MIT Alumni Angels
· Donald R. Sadoway, John F. Elliott Professor of Materials Chemistry, MIT & Founder of Ambri.

Moderator: Bertil Chappuis, Director/Senior Partner, McKinsey, Silicon Valley & MIT-alum

2:45 PM Fireside chat: Steve Kirsch, CEO, Token, serial entrepreneur & MIT alum

3:00 PM Wrap up: "Lessons learned", Trond Undheim, Ph.D., Lead, MIT Startup Exchange (STEX)


3:15 PM-5:15 PM Networking sessions & informal networking

Improvised discussions in the main meeting space. Event attendees may individually book one-on-one meetings in separate breakout rooms with each visiting startup.
Book a meeting with MIT fintech startup, Domeyard LP: info@domeyard.com
Book a meeting with MIT Advanced manufacturing startup, Tulip Interfaces: lizzie@tulip.co
Book a meeting with MIT biotech startup, Lyndra: http://www.lyndraco.com/#contact
Book a meeting with MIT big data startup, Luminoso: http://luminoso.com/connect/contact/

Upcoming Events:
Cracking Cancer (02/18/16)
Energy Innovation (03/08/16)
Mobile/ICT Innovation (02/19/16)
Intelligent Mobility (05/09/16)
Robotics Innovation (06/16/16)
Aerospace Innovation Workshop (09/15/16)

About MIT Startup Exchange (STEX):
MIT Startup Exchange links MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) members and MIT-connected startups, fostering quality interactions that lead to strong partnerships with impact across the MIT innovation ecosystem.The STEX web community platform and database has 1000+ active MIT startup companies at all stages of development and representing seven technology clusters: Tech/ICT, Biotech, Nanotech, Energy Tech, Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Hybrid Innovation. See http://startupexchange.mit.edu.


Samsung Global Innovation Center
665 Clyde Avenue
Mountain View, CA.