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February 29, 2008
ILP Communications
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Igniting New Developments at International Paper

Member Testimonials
The synergies were unmistakable. At the Industrial Liaison Program’s 1998 Research Directors’ Conference, International Paper research and development director Bruce Lyne recognized several links between MIT research activities and potential products and business opportunities for his company. Soon after, International Paper joined the ILP and began to capitalize on those opportunities. ILP-arranged meetings with MIT researchers sparked several joint research projects, new product developments, and consulting relationships with MIT faculty. “Since we joined, the ILP has alerted us to new enabling technologies and introduced us to business concept innovations,” says Lyne.

November 15, 2007
ILP Communications
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Boosting Innovation and Public Relations at Telecom Italia

Member Testimonials
For more than a decade, the Industrial Liaison Program has helped Telecom Italia, Italy’s leading telecommunications provider, track potentially critical technological innovations. Throughout this period, ILP staff has facilitated ongoing and ad hoc meetings between the company’s research and development arm CSELT and MIT researchers. “Telecom Italia has always paid particular attention to universities and innovation centers,” says Roberto Saracco, who directs CSELT’s Communications Area. “But today MIT is the main international one we’re still connected with. They conduct a broad set of research and business-oriented activities relevant to our needs.”

October 4, 2007
ILP Communications
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Technology Licensing Permits Japan Steel Works to Launch a New Plastics Manufacturing Product

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Japan Steel Works (JSW), a leading manufacturer of high grade quality steel, and industrial and plastics processing machinery, puts the information and knowledge it acquires at MIT to real use in new product development.

April 17, 2007
ILP Communications
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Partnering for Success with Mars, Incorporated

Member Testimonials
In the late 90s, strategic planners at Mars, Incorporated sought outside expertise to expand the company’s research and development capabilities. Looking to tap into MIT’s vast resources, they joined the Industrial Liaison Program. “Since then, the ILP has been very responsive, expeditiously setting up appointments with researchers and proactively anticipating our needs,” says John Helferich, Vice President of research and development at Mars. “This is a unique relationship which provides a comprehensive overview for all the help we were looking for, and more.”

November 16, 2006
ILP Communications
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Merck KGaA Engages MIT Students as Interns Through MIT’S Industrial Liaison Program and MIT-Germany Program

Member Testimonials
Merck KGaA, in the U.S. known as EMD, is the oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company in the world and a leading innovator in oncology and cardiometabolic drugs, liquid crystals and organic light-emitting diodes for displays, and effect pigments. Merck has been a member of MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) since 2000. Through Merck’s Office of Technology, the company joined ILP to enable the company’s specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals and life science and analytics businesses to draw useful expertise and advice from MIT’s faculty, identify future business and product opportunities, develop collaborations with selected MIT researchers active in fields of value to Merck, and find ways to apply MIT talent to Merck’s scientific and engineering challenges.