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December 2018
MIT Press
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Picturing Science and Engineering

Felice C. Frankel
A Practical Guide to Graphics for Scientists and Engineers
A guide to making scientific photographs for presentations, journal submissions, and covers, featuring step-by-step instructions and case studies, by an award-winning science photographer; illustrated in color throughout.

One of the most powerful ways for scientists to document and communicate their work is through photography. Unfortunately, most scientists have little or no training in that craft. In this book, celebrated science photographer Felice Frankel offers a guide for creating science images that are both accurate and visually stunning. Picturing Science and Engineering provides detailed instructions for making science photographs using the DSLR camera, the flatbed scanner, and the phone camera. The book includes a series of step-by-step case studies, describing how final images were designed for cover submissions and other kinds of visualizations. Lavishly illustrated in color throughout, the book encourages the reader to learn by doing, following Frankel as she recreates the stages of discovery that lead to a good science visual. Frankel shows readers how to present their work with graphics—how to tell a visual story—and considers issues of image adjustment and enhancement. She describes how developing the right visual to express a concept not only helps make science accessible to nonspecialists, but also informs the science itself, helping scientists clarify their thinking. The book includes references to Frankel's online tutorials at the book's website—visual “punctuations” of this printed edition—along with how-to videos and other additional materials.

Felice C. Frankel is an award-winning science photographer whose photographs have appeared in many publications. A research scientist in the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT, she is the author of Envisioning Science (MIT Press), No Small Matter (with G. M. Whitesides), On the Surface of Things (with G. M. Whitesides), and Visual Strategies (with Angela H. DePace). br>

September 2018
ILP Research
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MIT and the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industries

ILP Industry Brief
• Bioengineering
• Bioinformatics, Computation, Data
• Biomaterials, Biosensors
• Bio Micro- and Nano-technologies
• Brain & Neuroscience
• Drug and Medical Device Development
• Genomics, Microbiome
• Imaging, Lasers, Spectroscopy
• Machine Learning /Intelligence, AI
• Medical Diagnosis and Therapeutic Intervention
• Medicine, Engineering, and Science
• Pathology: Cancer, HIV, Other
• Sensory Research: Speech & Hearing Science
• Synthetic Biology / Systems Biology
• Wellness / Lifestyle Issues

August 2018
ILP Research Group
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Citizen-oriented Behavior/Behavioral Science

ILP Research Survey

Social networks, social media, crowds, social justice, collaboration, civic media, collective intelligence, etc. ...

Please note that the ILP RESEARCH SURVEY LIST serves as a guide to MIT research on topics that have been of interest to ILP member companies and that the older the survey is, the more likely that it will contain some inactive projects.

August 2018
ILP Research Group
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Electronic Health Records / Blockchain

ILP Research Survey

Blockchain * intelligent electronic health records * cryptography * cybersecurity * Medrec * medical data access * privacy & security...

Please note that the ILP RESEARCH SURVEY LIST serves as a guide to MIT research on topics that have been of interest to ILP member companies and that the older the survey is, the more likely that it will contain some inactive projects.

October 2018
MIT Press
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Designing an Internet

David D. Clark
Updated Edition (2018)
Why the Internet was designed to be the way it is, and how it could be different, now and in the future.

How do you design an internet? The architecture of the current Internet is the product of basic design decisions made early in its history. What would an internet look like if it were designed, today, from the ground up? In this book, MIT computer scientist David Clark explains how the Internet is actually put together, what requirements it was designed to meet, and why different design decisions would create different internets. He does not take today's Internet as a given but tries to learn from it, and from alternative proposals for what an internet might be, in order to draw some general conclusions about network architecture.

Clark discusses the history of the Internet, and how a range of potentially conflicting requirements—including longevity, security, availability, economic viability, management, and meeting the needs of society—shaped its character. He addresses both the technical aspects of the Internet and its broader social and economic contexts. He describes basic design approaches and explains, in terms accessible to nonspecialists, how networks are designed to carry out their functions. (An appendix offers a more technical discussion of network functions for readers who want the details.) He considers a range of alternative proposals for how to design an internet, examines in detail the key requirements a successful design must meet, and then imagines how to design a future internet from scratch. It's not that we should expect anyone to do this; but, perhaps, by conceiving a better future, we can push toward it.

About the Author

David D. Clark is a Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab and a leader in the design of the Internet since the 1970s.