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December 2016
ILP Research Group
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ILP Research Group
This list is a guide to MIT ILP research surveys on topics that have been of interest to ILP member companies. The list includes research surveys from 2014 to present and is updated regularly.

November 2016
ILP Research Group
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Precision Medicine: Analytics & Machine Learning

ILP Research Survey
Survey of MIT research:

Critical care informatics * scalable predictive analysis * computational physiology * computational biophysics * large omics data sets * modeling * data-drive inference...

Please note that the ILP RESEARCH SURVEY LIST serves as a guide to MIT research on topics that have been of interest to ILP member companies and that the older the survey is, the more likely that it will contain some inactive projects.

December 2016
Oxford University Press
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Social Media Management

Ben Shields
Persuasion in Networked Culture
Social media technologies are not only changing the way we communicate, but also disrupting the business world. Social Media Management: Persuasion in Networked Culture equips readers with a coherent framework and the tools to answer the question: Now what? Based on the author's extensive experience as a social media practitioner, researcher, and educator, this book reveals the formula for social media success today and in the future.

* Clear and relevant framework: Offers a clear model for developing strategies to maximize the business value of social media

* Accessibility: Written is an accessible style, highlighted by numerous visual examples of social media in practice

* Comprehensive: Addresses key topics in this evolving field, from targeting social audiences and developing a company's social brand strategy to managing crisis with social media and measuring social media results

* Practical: A final chapter, "Defining Your Personal Brand in Social Media," gives students and practitioners clear guidance on how to manage their own social media presence to best match their personal and professional brands

* Diverse Examples and Cases: Incorporates numerous examples--from the chapter-opening vignettes, detailed in-chapter case studies, and shorter social snippets from a variety of people, industries, organizations, and disciplines--that highlight social media successes and challenges

* "Your Turn" exercises: Includes "Your Turn" exercises at the end of each chapter that challenge students to apply what they've learned to a variety of business situations

About the author:
Ben Shields is currently a Lecturer in Managerial Communication at the MIT Sloan School of Management, where he teaches Communication for Leaders and Advanced Leadership Communication. He is the former Director of Social Media Marketing at ESPN, where he worked in the social space from 2009-2014.

November 2016
ILP Research Group
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Manufacturing / Industry 4.0

ILP Research Survey
Survey of MIT research:

3D printing, digital fabrication, self-assembly * AI & machine learning * data & analytics * Internet of Things * materials & sustainability * pharma * robotics * VR/AR...

Please note that the ILP RESEARCH SURVEY LIST serves as a guide to MIT research on topics that have been of interest to ILP member companies and that the older the survey is, the more likely that it will contain some inactive projects.

February 2017
The MIT Press
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Designing MIT

Mark Jarzombek
Bosworth's New Tech
Designing MIT is the first book to detail Bosworth’s challenges in the planning and construction of the Institute’s unique Cambridge campus. Beginning with an examination of the competing project proposals—from Steven Child, an emergind landscape designer and student of Frederick Law Olmsted; Désiré Despradelle, chairman of the Department of Architecture at MIT and a leading Beaux-Arts stylist; Ralph Adams Cram, noted for his gothic West Point campus; and John Freeman, one of the country’s leading civil engineers—Mark M. Jarzombek provides a captivating cross-section of the architectural debates of the time. Though Bosworth’s considerable social and political finesse enabled him to land the commission and balance varied competing interests, he found his classically oriented vision challenged by the engineer John Freeman, a proponent of Frederick W. Taylor’s new principle of Scientific Management. However strained, the conflict ultimately resulted in a far more innovative design than either individual approach, one that employed new European concepts of industrialism, efficiency, and aesthetics in academic structures.

Heavily illustrated with images from the MIT archives, the story of Bosworth’s new “Tech” offers more than just insight into the designing of a campus. Fraught with artistic clashes, bureaucratic tangles, and contemporary politics, Designing MIT sheds light on the academic culture in the early twentieth century, the role of patronage in the world of architecture, and the history of the Beaux-Arts style in the United States.

About the author:
Mark Jarzombek, Professor of the History and Theory of Architecture at MIT, works on a wide range of topics from the 12th century to the modern era.