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8 mins
MIT Faculty Shorts

Justin Solomon

Systems that Learn and Machine Learning Tools

Justin Solomon
X-Consortium Career Development
Assistant Professor of Electricall Engineering and Computer Science

6 mins
MIT Faculty Shorts

Justin Solomon

Creating Solutions Across Mediums and Stages of Development

Justin Solomon
X-Consortium Career Development
Assistant Professor of Electricall Engineering and Computer Science

29 mins
ILP Video

New Tools for Understanding and Engineering the Brain

Edward Boyden
Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
Associate Professor of Biological Engineering and Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Leader, Synthetic Neurobiology Group
MIT Media Lab
Understanding the brain could lead to new kinds of computational algorithms and artificial intelligences, as well as treatments for intractable disorders that affect over a billion people worldwide. However, the brain is a very complex, densely wired circuit, and understanding how it works has remained elusive. In order to map how these circuits are organized, and control their complex dynamics, we are building new tools, which include methods for physically expanding brain circuits so that we can see their building blocks, as well as molecules that make neural circuits controllable by light. Through these tools we aim to enable the systematic analysis and repair of the brain.
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39 mins
ILP Video

From Person-and-Machine to Environment-and-Ecosystem

Brian Anthony
Principal Research Scientist
Director, Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Program
Co-Director, Medical Electronic Device Realization Center (MEDRC)
MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering
The impetus for the SENSE.nano is the recognition that novel sensors and sensing system are bound to provide previously unimaginable insight into the condition of individuals, as well as built and natural world, to positively impact people, machines, and environment. Advances in nano-sciences and nano-technologies, pursued by many at MIT, now offer unprecedented opportunities to realize designs for, and at-scale manufacturing of, unique sensors and sensing systems, while leveraging data-science and IoT infrastructure.
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36 mins
ILP Video

Industry Keynote: Philips Medical Systems

Alberto Prado
VP and Head of Philips HealthWorks
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