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September 30, 2014Night pic of MIT dome.


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4 mins
MIT Faculty Shorts

William Green
Chemical/Energy Industry Collaborations

William Green
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53 mins
ILP Video

Nanostructures for Energy Efficient Future

Vladimir Bulovic
Professor of Electrical Engineering
Director, Laboratory of Organic Optics and Electronics (LOOE)
MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Today we can assemble heterogeneous materials such as molecules, metal oxides and colloidal quantum dots into active optoelectronic structures of nano-scale layer thickness, use them as unique test-beds of governing physical processes, and develop them into practical device technologies of high energy efficiency. Through examples of commercial and pre-commercial demonstrations of nano-structured devices developed in our laboratory, the talk will highlight the emergence of practical, nano-enabled light emitting, solar cell, and MEMS technologies.
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41 mins
ILP Video

New Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage (Japan Conference 2013)

Jeffrey Grossman
Associate Professor of Power Engineering
Associate Professor of Mechanical and Materials Science and Engineering
I will discuss two examples of new materials we have developed for energy conversion and storage. First, I will present our design of an unconventional platform for closed-cycle solar thermal fuels that takes advantage of rigid nanoscale templates to tune chemical interactions between bound photoisomers, leading to energy densities comparable to Li-ion batteries. Second, I will show our work on the design of photovoltaic (PV) active layers comprised exclusively of non-polymer based carbon nano-structures, and the prediction layered materials that could lead to "ultra-thin thin-film" PV.
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56 mins
ILP Video

Clean Water Technology Research at MIT

John Lienhard
Samuel C. Collins Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Director, KFUPM Center for Clean Water and Clean Energy
Executive Officer, Mechanical Engineering
MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering
Water supply is a growing challenge worldwide. Water scarcity affects both the developed and the developing world, and it affects regions that are considered dry as well as regions that are not. Research on water at MIT touches all aspects of water supply. This talk will discuss basic concepts of water supply and methods of purification, with a focus on desalination technology. Novel research at MIT in desalination and water supply will be described. This will include research related to membrane technologies, thermal and solar technologies, water distribution, wetlands, and challenges specific to the developing world. Issues related to the water-energy nexus will also be considered.
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44 mins
ILP Video

Technologies and markets of a new sustainable bio-based economy

Gregory Stephanopoulos
Willard Henry Dow Professor of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering
MIT Department of Chemical Engineering
Biofuels and bio-based products are compounds produced from renewable resources, in particular sugars and reduced organic substrates derived from carbohydrate feedstocks. As such, they are presently attracting considerable attention as important components of a sustainable green economy with minimal dependence on fossil fuels. Production of these commodities is achieved by the activities of microorganisms in their native form or properly engineered to achieve high conversion yields and productivities. Metabolic engineering is the enabling technology for engineering microorganisms to generate biocatalysts suitable for industrial application. This presentation will define the principles, methods and technologies of Metabolic Engineering that have been successfully deployed recently to this end. Applications will also be reviewed for the synthesis of several products of current interest in the biofuels and bioproducts areas.
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