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41 mins
ILP Video

Keynote: The Future Enterprise

John Roese
Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
EMC Corporation
Not long ago, data came in gigabytes and terabtyes; now data comes in petabytes and exabytes. And while the scale of data keeps expanding, the tools for storing, processing, and ultimately understanding that data are evolving faster than ever. How can businesses of all kinds innovate with the IT resources available today while remaining agile enough to grow? How will the enterprise of the future absorb and pursue disruption to stay ahead of rapidly changing markets and technology?
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45 mins
ILP Video

Keynote: Digital Technologies Transforming Healthcare

Ripley Martin
VP, Strategy & Business Development
Philips Healthcare
Exponential growth in speed, capacity, and adoption of digital technologies has impacted most every industry. Healthcare has been a notable hold-out, until now. Ultimately the digital transformation of healthcare isn?t just about making more data points available to providers and consumers, it?s about fundamentally rethinking where and when healthcare services start and finish. Healthcare will movefrom a reactionary model to proactively managing care, with patients versus procedures at the center of a technology ecosystem that will produce better outcomes at lower costs.
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46 mins
ILP Video

Viral Innovation: Why Now and What's Next?

Andrew Lippman
Associate Director, MIT Media Lab
Senior Research Scientist
Co-Director, MIT Communications Futures Program
MIT Media Laboratory
Many recent viral innovations ? innovations that start small, scale without limit, and evolve as they grow ? are starting smaller and striking deeper at traditional ways of doing business than they could have ten years ago. Universally, these new disruptions rest on no single technological breakthrough. Instead, they succeed because of a social landscape characterized by a new pool of responsive inventors, widespread trust in technology, and the irretrievable online presence of our real identity.
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45 mins
ILP Video

Towards a Dominant IoT Architecture: CloudThings

Sanjay Sarma
Director, MIT/SUTD Collaboration Office
Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellow
MIT Office of the Provost
Right now, the Internet of Things (IoT) lacks a dominant architecture. Individual platforms can grow and thrive, but much of its core value is lost at the boundary layers between services. Until development begins to converge, the full potential of the IoT will remain unrealized. CloudThings would create interactive digital duplicates of physical objects and make it easier to establish an IoT architecture and focus on what?s most important ? protecting security and privacy.
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47 mins
ILP Video

Understanding IoT Architecture

David Clark
Senior Research Scientist
Co-Director, MIT Communications Futures Program (CFP)
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laborator
Increasingly the networked world encompasses the physical world, everything from medical devices and personal vehicles to skyscrapers and utility infrastructures, but the architecture of this emerging Internet of Things (IoT) remains unclear. Looking back to the early days of the Internet and exploring the emergence of its architecture offers insights by analogy towards understanding the architectural underpinnings of the IoT and even what ?architecture? means in this new and rapidly evolving context.
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