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September 24, 2014Night pic of MIT dome.


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44 mins
ILP Video

Technologies and markets of a new sustainable bio-based economy

Gregory Stephanopoulos
Willard Henry Dow Professor of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering
MIT Department of Chemical Engineering
Biofuels and bio-based products are compounds produced from renewable resources, in particular sugars and reduced organic substrates derived from carbohydrate feedstocks. As such, they are presently attracting considerable attention as important components of a sustainable green economy with minimal dependence on fossil fuels. Production of these commodities is achieved by the activities of microorganisms in their native form or properly engineered to achieve high conversion yields and productivities. Metabolic engineering is the enabling technology for engineering microorganisms to generate biocatalysts suitable for industrial application. This presentation will define the principles, methods and technologies of Metabolic Engineering that have been successfully deployed recently to this end. Applications will also be reviewed for the synthesis of several products of current interest in the biofuels and bioproducts areas.
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46 mins
ILP Video

Design Principles for Omniphobic (Super-Repellent) Surfaces

Gareth H McKinley
School of Engineering Professor of Teaching Innovation
Associate Department Head for Research, Mechanical Engineering
Hatsopoulos Microfluids Laboratory
Class of 1960 Fellow
MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering
Many different structured surfaces with a wide range of surface chemistries and topographies have been investigated for controlling the wetting (or non wetting) properties of a fluid/solid interface.. By understanding the interactions of surface chemistry, nanoscale topography and contact-line hydrodynamics it is now possible to systematically program in desired levels of wettability. Our group has developed single-step dip-coating and spray-coating processes for applying nanostructured coatings to a wide-range of substrates. Applications include fabrics with enhanced solvent/oil resistance, transparent self-cleaning glass coatings for photovoltaic cells, ?ice-phobic surfaces? for reducing ice and gas-hydrate adhesion as well as ?fog-harvesting surfaces? that greatly enhance our ability to collect solar-desalinated water from wind-borne fog.
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46 mins
ILP Video

Graphene and other 2D materials: New Opportunities in Flatland

Tomás Palacios
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Electronics is at a crossroads. The materials and technologies that have enabled the information revolution of the last 60 years are quickly reaching their ultimate physical limit. Fortunately, a new generation of atom-thick materials has recently been discovered. This talk will review these new materials, all of them less than one nanometer thick, and the novel devices and applications enabled by their amazing properties.
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29 mins
ILP Video

The Future of Engineering at MIT

Ian Waitz
Dean, School of Engineering
Jerome C Hunsaker Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellow
MIT School of Engineering
Join us for a unique opportunity to meet Ian Waitz, the Dean of the MIT School of Engineering. He will present his vision for how MIT’s engineers will shape our collective future —from the latest innovations in technology, to frontiers of engineering education, to helping create solutions to the most challenging problems of the 21st century.

Ian A. Waitz is Dean of the MIT School of Engineering, the Jerome C. Hunsaker Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and a MacVicar Faculty Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has been on the faculty since 1991 and was the department head in Aeronautics and Astronautics from 2008 until his appointment as dean in February 2011. He has made advances in gas turbine engines, fluid mechanics, combustion, and acoustics. The principal focus of his current work is on the modeling and evaluation of climate, air-quality, and noise impacts of aviation, and the assessment of technological, operational, and policy options for mitigating these impacts.
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9 mins
MIT Faculty Shorts

John Lienhard
Water Scarcity and Desalination

John Lienhard
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