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39 mins
ILP Video

Data, Computing, and Visualization as an Aid to Understanding Global Change

John Reilly
Co-Director, Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change (JPSPGC)
Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management
The planet is a complex system in which humans are playing an ever more important role in shaping the environment and the livability of the planet. The data, modeling, and analysis of data and model results requires a variety of visualization tools. Computational resources needed for the exercise are very large. A reason for this is the inherent uncertainty in our projections, and the need to represent that uncertainty with large ensembles of model projections using Monte Carlo techniques. This then further requires decision tools and techniques that lead to decisions that are robust in the face of uncertainty.
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46 mins
ILP Video

Tools for Genomic Computation, Visualization, and Integration

Michael Reich
Director of Cancer Program Informatics
Broad Institute
Following the success of the Human Genome Project, the last ten years have produced an explosion of genomic data, offering the promise of unprecedented insight into fundamental biological processes and the mechanisms of disease. To help realize the potential of this revolution, new tools must be designed to allow researchers to analyze, visualize, and integrate this data, as well as to collaborate and disseminate new results. I will discuss the collection of software that the Broad Institute has developed to address the many challenges presented by the new era of genomic medicine.
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47 mins
ILP Video

Platform Shift - How New Business Models are Changing the Shape of Industry

Marshall Van Alstyne
Visiting Scientist
Associate Professor, Department of Management Information Systems, Boston University
MIT Sloan School of Management
Marshall Van Alstyne reveals the secret of Internet-driven marketplaces. Companies that can transform their linear business models into network models will have a competitive advantage. That's how dotcom companies like Amazon, eBay and Google managed, in a relatively short time, to attract millions of clients worldwide. In addition, these companies can extend existing transactions to new, associated products and services. Platforms beat products. This talk tells why.
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45 mins
ILP Video

Social Physics: Building and Using the Mobile Social Relationship

Alex Pentland
Toshiba Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
Head, Human Dynamics Group
Director, Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program
MIT Media Laboratory
Analysis of Big Data from mobile social offers dramatic new opportunities for engaging customers and monetization, in health, advertising, and services. The trick is developing these new capabilities while at the same time respecting individual privacy and maintaining security... but there are now good ways to go about accomplishing this.
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55 mins
ILP Video

Opening Keynote: Meeting The Privacy Challenge

Cameron Kerry
Visiting Scholar, MIT Media Laboratory
Sara E. and Andrew H. Tisch Distinguighed Visiting Fellow, Brookings Institution
Former General Counsel and Acting Secretary
U.S. Department of Commerce
As public policymakers work to address the benefits and risks of the emerging data-driven society and the global reaction to NSA disclosures, privacy and trust have come into the spotlight. I will discuss the role of technology in protecting privacy and building trust, and review work going on at MIT on privacy-protecting technologies.

"Missed Connections: Talking with Europe About Data, Privacy, and Surveillance After Snowden,"

TechTank Post:

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