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41 mins
ILP Video

Pesonalizing Neurocritical Care

Thomas Heldt
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Hermann von Helmholtz Career Development Assistant Professor
Principal Investigator, Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE)
Large volumes of heterogeneous data are collected from patients in neurocritical care to support real-time clinical decision-making, monitoring of disease progression, and titration of therapy. However, systematic physiologically based analysis and fusion of this data are required to advance our understanding of the dynamic nature of brain injury and recovery, and to improve the care of patients with brain injuries. Recent work seeks to leverage the multiparameter data streams for personalization of care.
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44 mins
ILP Video

Personalized Diabetes Management

Dimitris Bertsimas
Boeing Leaders for Global Operations Professor of Management
Co-Director, Operations Research Center (ORC)
MIT Sloan School of Management
We present a system to make personalized lifestyle and health decisions for diabetes management, as well as for general health and diet management. In particular, we address the following components of the system: (a) efficiently learning preferences through a dynamic questionnaire that accounts for human behavior; (b) modeling blood glucose behavior and updating these models to match individual measurements; and (c) using the learned preferences and blood glucose models to generate an overall diet and exercise plan using mixed-integer robust optimization. We have implemented our system as an online application, which we demonstrate.
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46 mins
ILP Video

Using Predictive Models to Improve Healthcare

John Guttag
Dugald C Jackson Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Machine learning applied to large medical datasets can lead to the development of better risk stratification models for adverse outcomes. Unfortunately, general-purpose analytics developed across unrelated domains hold limited value for the specialized needs of patients, payors, providers, pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers. This talk will outline why health care data is different, and discuss some of the techniques we have developed to deal with the challenges posed by these differences. Examples will be drawn from several areas, including surgery and cardiovascular and infectious disease.
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5 mins
MIT Faculty Shorts

Leon Glicksman
Bringing Technological Innovation to Architectural Engineering

Leon Glicksman
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4 mins
MIT Faculty Shorts

Leon Glicksman
Utilizing Natural Ventilation for Unexpected Advantages

Leon Glicksman
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