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October 23, 2014Night pic of MIT dome.


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42 mins
ILP Video

Aging and Wellness

Lisa D'Ambrosio
Research Scientist
MIT AgeLab
An aging population presents society with both challenges and opportunities. I discuss some of the demographic shifts happening in the US and what wellness may mean for an aging population. I review some of the work done at the MIT AgeLab to highlight how our research and ideas about the future of technologies and services may help people, who are already living longer, live better.
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37 mins
ILP Video

Adventures and Surprise Discoveries from Emotion Sensors

Rosalind Picard
Director of Affective Computing Research
Director of Autism & Communication Technology
Co-Director of Things That Think
Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
MIT Media Laboratory
Emotion is much more vital to health than we ever thought - influencing pretty much every organ in our body, not just "how we feel." We built a camera to read heart rate, and a wearable sensor to measure a key dimension of emotion and encountered some huge surprises during long-term measurement - from seizure detection to mysterious "storms" in sleep, and other insights that are now poised to help provide important indicators in clinical trials and treatments. This talk will highlight new technologies and insights that have come out of our lab including Q sensor, CardioCam, and MoodMeter.
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31 mins
ILP Video

Relational Agents for Wellness Counseling

Timothy Bickmore
Associate Professor
College of Computer and Information Science
Northeastern University
Relational agents are computer animated characters that simulate face-to-face conversation between health providers and clients, including both verbal and nonverbal channels of communication. The agents can be designed to emulate best practices in human face-to-face health counseling to provide a clear channel of communication for individuals with a wide range of reading, health and computer literacy. The social and relational behaviors used by these agents (such as empathy) serve to increase patient trust in and therapeutic alliance with the agents, leading to increased engagement and use over time. In this talk I?ll describe the dialogue systems and animation technology used to implement these agents. I will also discuss my experiences over the last decade building relational agents for health education and longitudinal health behavior change interventions in which users have had thousands of counseling sessions with them at home, on mobile devices, in the hospital, and in outpatient clinics.
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4 mins
MIT Faculty Shorts

John Hansman
MIT International Center for Air Transportation - Technical Know-How and a Passion for Flying

John Hansman
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8 mins
MIT Faculty Shorts

John Hansman
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

John Hansman
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