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35 mins
ILP Video

Megacities and the Last-Mile Problem

Matthias Winkenbach
Research Associate
Director, MIT Megacity Logistics Lab
Center for Transportation and Logistics
Rapid urbanization and increasing population density in megacities poses unique challenges for last-mile distribution in many of the world?s largest emerging markets. Meeting these challenges requires understanding shifting consumer expectations and the evolution of omni-channel retail and delivery in city environments. These insights can help companies leverage logistics big data analytics for last-mile network design and planning to reach customers on their own terms, where they live, work, shop, or play, anywhere on the globe.
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42 mins
ILP Video

Let Me See: Benefits of Radical Supply-chain Transparency

Leonardo Bonanni
Visiting Scientist
MIT Media Lab
Today's consumers want to know more about the goods they purchase and where they come from than ever before. Concerns over issues like fair trade and sustainability are driving many companies, from fledgling startups to industry mainstays, toward radical transparency around sourcing, yet this move isn't just about brand management. Case studies from the apparel, food, and electronics industries reveal the benefits of better visualization and greater transparency for the whole supply chain, because you can?t improve what you can?t see ? but it can still cost you.
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48 mins
ILP Video

Increasing Profits: Leveraging Consumer Behavior to Optimize Promotions

Georgia Perakis
William F Pounds Professor of Management
Professor of Operations Research and Operations Management
MIT Sloan School of Management
Retailers know it is crucial to optimize the timing and promotion of sales to maximize profit. But how do you process the large amounts of data necessary to determine optimal pricing and timing? Left to the intuition of product managers, retailers risk missing out, but a new method created by Georgia Perakis and her team of PhD students in collaboration with Oracle RGBU, aims to change that. Using models that analyze price effects, promotion effects, and general consumer behavior data, this approach has the potential to help retailers increase their profits by an average of 3-10 percent. In a world of slim profit margins and ever-increasing competition, this could be a game changer for retailers in any industry.
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50 mins
ILP Video

Startup Exchange Pitches

Trond Undheim
Lead, Startup Exchange
MIT Industrial Liaison Program
Trond heads up the Startup Initiative at MIT's Industrial Liaison Program (ILP), facilitating productive relationships between industry and MIT's startup ecosystem. He is a former Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Trond is a serial entrepreneur with Scandinavian roots, and is currently the Founder of Yegii, Inc., the insight network, and Managing Director of Tautec Consulting.
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51 mins
ILP Video

The Remarkable Transition of Consumer Dynamics and Marketing Analytics - the last 50 Years and the Future

Glen Urban
David Austin Professor in Management, Emeritus
Professor of Marketing, Emeritus
Dean Emeritus; Chairman, MIT Center for Digital Business
MIT Sloan School of Management
The past few decades have witnessed dramatic changes in how businesses reach, engage, understand and, ultimately, influence consumers. Much has changed from the time when TV and print advertising, focus groups, price off promotion and brand switching set the agenda for business to consumer interaction. Advances in marketing theory and analytical methods have exploited the radical developments of UPC, big data and computational power. The unprecedented rise of the internet, proliferation of mobile devices and popularity of social media have brought about massive changes in trust and consumer empowerment. New developments in deep learning and advertising and website morphing now offer state of the art examples of fresh opportunities to communicate with customers in their individual cognitive style - true consumer-driven marketing in the future.
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