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29 mins
ILP Video

Manufacturing in Austria - Actual Movements within Andritz AG

Markus Maier
Manufacturing Coordination
Andritz AG
The ANDRITZ GROUP is an international technology corporation and globally a leading supplier of plants, equipment and services for hydropower stations, the pulp and paper industry, the steel industry and solid/liquid separation in municipal and industrial sectors.

Manufacturing within the Andritz Group – especially in Austria – has been affected by market forces and internal factors e.g. development and structure of manufacturing locations through worldwide acquisitions.

There is one common result gained from both of these issues when competing on the global market out of high wage countries:

It´s not enough to keep an eye on operative issues (Quality – Time - Costs) but it necessitates the development of know-how and innovation.
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34 mins
ILP Video

Robotic Assistants to Humans in the Factory

Julie Shah
Boeing Career Development Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Recent advances in computation, sensing, and hardware enable robotics to perform an increasing percentage of traditionally manual tasks. Yet, often the assembly mechanic cannot be removed entirely from the process. This provides new economic motivation to explore opportunities where assembly mechanics and industrial robots may work in close physical collaboration. To harness the relative strengths of humans and robots, we must develop robots that seamlessly integrate with human group dynamics. Although there are numerous studies on human teamwork and coordination in high-intensity domains, very little prior work exists on applying these models to human-robot interaction. In this talk, I describe ongoing work aimed at translating qualitative insights from human factors engineering into quantitative, predictive models that improve human-robot teamwork. I discuss two key challenges: learning team fluency through experience and practice of repetitive tasks, and pre-planning for team coordination in novel tasks.
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26 mins
ILP Video

TRUMPF - Winner Innovation Award Austria 2012

Armin Rau - (Bernhard Fischereder)
TRUMPF Maschinen Austria
TRUMPF Machines Austria is the technology leader in sheetmetal machine tools and automation systems for bending. The machine tools and systems where built in Austria on flowlines with state of the art manufacturing principles – Company of the Year 2011 in Austria.

TRUMPF Machines Austria was also the winner of the Austrian Innovation Award 2012 with a high productive robotized Bending Cell which can even handle small lots.Innovation and world class manufacturing are the keys to success.
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5 mins
MIT Faculty Shorts

Vicky Diadiuk
MTL's Open Lab Concept
Fabrication Facilities Access Program
Micro Industrial Group

Vicky Diadiuk
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7 mins
MIT Faculty Shorts

Vicky Diadiuk
Microsystems That Do Big Jobs

Vicky Diadiuk
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