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38 mins
ILP Video

The IoT: Sensing and Big Data for Consumer-centric, Engineering and Industrial Applications

Sanjay Sarma
Fred Fort Flowers (1941) and Daniel Forst Flowers (1941) Professor of Mechanical Engineering
The proliferation of sensors is making possible the collection of data about things that we did not get a lot of information about in the past. But the generation of this data comes with challenges: what does one do with big data?

Big data is often associated with healthcare, social networks and computer systems. However, big data is making an impact in engineering: in applications ranging from smart cities to manufacturing. I will give examples of big data collection systems in the monitoring of urban infrastructure including buildings, streetlights and vehicles. I will then talk about how RFID can be used to generate and utilize big data in the supply chain and in manufacturing. I will talk about the applications we have been generating over the years.
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40 mins
ILP Video

Revealing the invisible with video Magnification

Fredo Durand
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
We reveal temporal variations in videos that are difficult or impossible to see with the naked eye and display them in an indicative manner. Our method, which we call Eulerian Video Magnification, takes a standard video sequence as input, and applies spatial decomposition, followed by temporal filtering to the frames. The resulting signal is then amplified to reveal hidden information. Using our method, we are able to visualize the flow of blood as it fills the face and also to amplify and reveal small motions. Our technique can run in real time to show phenomena occurring at temporal frequencies selected by the user.
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36 mins
ILP Video

The Explosion of Big Data ... and the Cybersecurity of the Data

Stuart Madnick
John Norris Maguire (1960) Professor of Information Technology and Engineering Systems
Co-Director, PROFIT Program
MIT Sloan School of Management
The "Internet of Things" (IoT) provides an every expanding opportunity to instrument the world, leading to an explosion of sensor data, often referred to as Big Data. This talk will discuss: the diverse sources of new data, the potentially broad and important impact, and the ever increasing cybersecurity concerns. In this last matter, examples of new approaches, based on the MIT-Harvard Explorations in Cyber International Relations (ECIR) research project, will be presented.
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40 mins
ILP Video

Distributed Energy Systems in India and Africa

Robert Stoner
Deputy Director for Science and Technology
Co-Director, Tata Center for Technology and Design
MIT Energy Initiative
The rapid growth of demand for energy services in the developing world presents economic and environmental challenges that must be addressed. The Tata Center for Technology and Design is developing a new program that enables MIT graduate students to develop technologically sophisticated energy products and services for the Indian market, and more recently for sub-Saharan Africa. In this this talk I will describe with examples the approaches and opportunities the Center?s students pursuing, notably in rural electrification, waste-to-fuel and energy efficiency.
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44 mins
ILP Video

Water and Food Research at MIT

John Lienhard
Abdul Latif Jameel Professor of Water and Food
Director, Abdul Latif Jameel World Water and Food Security Lab
Director, Center for Clean Water and Clean Energy
MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering
Water and food scarcity affect hundreds of millions of people worldwide, and the pressures of population growth, development, urbanization, and climate change will further strain our supplies of both water and food. Research at MIT addresses diverse approaches to meeting these challenges, applicable to both the developed and the developing world. This presentation will give an overview of some of the problems and the solutions being pursued at MIT.
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