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33 mins
ILP Video

The Accidental Entrepreneur: the Road to Commercialization of Ultrathin Vapor Deposited Polymer Films

Karen Gleason
Associate Provost
Alexander and I Michael Kasser Professor of Chemical Engineering
MIT Office of the Provost
Studying the fundamentals of polymer synthesis on surfaces from vapor phase reactants led to a surprising method for rapid deposition at near room temperature. Commercial response led unexpectedly to founding the GVD Corporation, which scaled the technology and successfully commercialized the resulting ultrathin robust organic coatings in the automotive, mold release, and medical industries, as well as other markets. This experience fueled the founding of a second company, DropWISE, to advance applications for improved condensation heat transfer. What do companies as diverse as Burberry, Caesar?s, Nike, Codelco, and Asian Paints have in common? They are all examples of ?digital masters,? using social, mobile, analytics and other technologies to transform themselves. Digital masters manage digital differently, and they are 26% more profitable than their peers. Where other firms see digital as a technology challenge, digital masters see it as an opportunity to radically improve customer engagement, operations, and business models.
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31 mins
ILP Video

Making Investments in Innovation Work

Michael Schrage
Research Fellow, MIT Center for Digital Business
Visting Fellow, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
Visiting Fellow, Imperial College Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
MIT Center for Digital Business
What investments might make Brazil more appealing to innovators and entrepreneurs? How can Brazil and Brazilian companies large and small maximize their return on investments in innovation? Establishing new, more responsive institutions and investing in human capital is essential for healthy innovation ecosystems. But ultimately sustainable market innovation comes from disciplined, process-oriented approaches built on strong partnerships that focus as much effort on rethinking customers and clients as redesigning technology and products.
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34 mins
ILP Video

Game Changers: Energy Innovation and Economic Impact

Robert Armstrong
Director, MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI)
Chevron Professor of Chemical Engineering
MIT Department of Chemical Engineering
Where will world energy supply be in 2030? What role will Brazil play in the global energy future? Game-changing research and development efforts transforming the energy landscape today, including grid-scale electricity storage, solar photovoltaics, and non-conventional hydrocarbon sources, help point the way towards creating cheaper, cleaner, and more secure energy systems to promote economic activity and growth for the near future.
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28 mins
ILP Video

Water and Food for 9 Billion

John Lienhard
Abdul Latif Jameel Professor of Water and Food
Director, Abdul Latif Jameel World Water and Food Security Lab
Director, Center for Clean Water and Clean Energy
MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering
Water and food scarcity affect hundreds of millions of people worldwide, and the pressures of population growth and climate change will further strain our supplies of both water and food. Research at MIT addresses diverse approaches to meeting these challenges, applicable to both the developed and the developing world, and tackling issues relevant to Brazil today ? explosive urbanization, sustainable agriculture, and the water-energy nexus.
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31 mins
ILP Video

Systems of Innovation: the Brazilian Context

Elisabeth B. Reynolds
Executive Director
MIT Industrial Performance Center
Countries and regions around the world seek to increase their innovation capacity to boost productivity and economic growth for the 21st century. Where are investments being made, and what strategies are being pursued? How do national assets in the form of institutions, networks, and leadership contribute to the ongoing process of creating and disseminating new products, processes and services effectively in a rapidly changing and increasingly open global economy? How does Brazil?s current strategy fit into this larger context?
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