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32 mins
ILP Video

Transforming Biotechnology Manufacturing: Adapting Technology to a Changing Environment

Robert Bradway
President and COO
Scientists are working to develop new medicines for some of the world?s greatest health challenges. For biotechnology medicines, innovation extends from discovery and development into manufacturing. Developing new ways to manufacture complex proteins, monoclonal antibodies and peptibodies on a commercial scale is a critical step in delivering on the promise of biotechnology for patients. This talk will explore what it takes to thrive in an increasingly complex, competitive and highly regulated industry.
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39 mins
ILP Video

Is it Time to Rethink Your Manufacturing Strategy?

David Simchi-Levi
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Systems
Co-Director, Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) Program
A growing number of US executives are repatriating their manufacturing capabilities?moving some production operations back from overseas. One such company is Ford, which, in August 2010, announced plans to bring back about 2,200 parts-production jobs. Another example is Caterpillar, which is investing $120 million in a new Victoria, TX, plant to make excavator machines?devices formerly made at a Caterpillar plant in Japan. Washington policy makers strongly support these moves: inside the Beltway there is unanimous agreement that the United States should push for growth in the manufacturing sector. But if corporate and political policy makers are increasingly focused on American manufacturing, why has this sector lost six million jobs since 1997? Are we truly entering a new era, or are the above examples rare exceptions to a largely irreversible trend? The signals are mixed at best! The objective of this presentation is to help answer these questions by identifying the most influential drivers of manufacturing growth.
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55 mins
ILP Video

Panel Discussion: "Innovation in Manufacturing"

Tana Utley (Moderator), Tim Copes, Martin Mrugal, John Haydon, Martin Schmidt
In what areas will innovation be most important in order for U. S. manufacturing to be competitive?and how closely linked must industry and research and academic centers be in order for innovation in manufacturing to thrive? What are the differing impacts of product vs. process innovation, and which specific innovations might have the greatest impact on manufacturing in the years to come? How important is the relationship between innovation and manufacturing. This panel?s discussion will build on two major current initiatives at MIT: the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, a White House initiative co-chaired by MIT President Hockfield, represented on the panel by Prof. Martin Schmidt; and the Production in the Innovation Economy Commission, whose Executive Director, Prof. Olivier de Weck, will give a keynote address.
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5 mins
MIT Faculty Shorts

Lionel Kimerling
Getting It Done at MIT

Lionel Kimerling
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4 mins
MIT Faculty Shorts

Lionel Kimerling
MIT and Industry

Lionel Kimerling
Other MIT Shorts for Lionel Kimerling include:
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