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3 mins
MIT Faculty Shorts

Assaf Biderman
Seattle Digital Garbage Project

Assaf Biderman
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7 mins
MIT Faculty Shorts

Assaf Biderman
SENSEable Cities

Assaf Biderman
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20 mins
ILP Video

The Role of Labor in the Manufacturing Economy After the Financial Crisis

Cindy Estrada
Vice President, United Auto Workers
From Cindy Estrada's perspective as Vice-President of the UAW, this talk will explore labor's role in the manufacturing economy in the wake of the financial crisis, and in particular the transformations in the UAW relationship with the major auto companies since then. She will suggest some of the important challenges for labor and management to address together, including competing in the global economy while maintaining good jobs and enhancing American competitiveness.
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57 mins
ILP Video

Panel Discussion: "Workforce of the Future"

William D. Green (Moderator), Denise Johnson, Cindy Estrada, Thomas Kochan, Diana Tremblay
How have the economic downturn and recovery impacted labor-management relations, K-12, vocational, and university education, and other factors that shape the ongoing development of an effective American manufacturing workforce? How are the interests of multinational corporations aligned with the objective of maintaining vibrant manufacturing employment as a key element in the U. S. economy? Can the U. S. learn from the important role of vocational education in other developed economies? The panel will address the roles of different stakeholders?government at all levels, industry, unions, and educational institutions?in contributing to dialogue around the key challenges in creating more high-wage manufacturing jobs, especially in the advanced manufacturing sector.
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44 mins
ILP Video


Charles Fine
Chrysler Leaders for Global Operations Professor of Management and Engineering Systems
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