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45 mins
ILP Video

Electrochemical Pathways to Sustainability

Donald Sadoway
John F Elliott Professor of Metallurgy
MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Innovations in electrochemical technologies are paving two complementary pathways towards a more sustainable future. Large-format Liquid Metal Batteries (LMBs) reduce price volatility and increase reliability, especially in urban settings, while eliminating the intermittency of carbon-free, renewable electric power. Metals production by Molten Oxide Electrolysis (MOE) dramatically reduces the carbon intensity of the extraction of a wide range of metals and alloys. Together, these technologies have the potential to improve product quality while reducing capital costs and carbon emissions.
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40 mins
ILP Video

Resilient Cities: Design for Growth

Kent Larson
Principal Research Scientist
Director, Changing Places
MIT Media Laboratory
Accelerating urban expansion demands resilient urban design; cities must be simultaneously livable and adaptable. Networks of compact integrated neighborhoods connected by mobility-on-demand pathways offer a vision for cities where residences, offices, shops, and parks are always within a 20-minute walk; where affordable, convenient, shared-use light electric vehicles replace private cars; where congestion and local sources of air pollution are essentially eliminated; and where powerful new applications improve life for each resident, all while allowing for continued development and growth.
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39 mins
ILP Video

Underground Engineering: Hidden Dimensions in Sustainable Urban Development

Andrew Whittle
Edmund K Turner Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
MIT Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Geology provides the essential context for planning and designing cities. Frequently seen as a solution to problems of urban congestion, the underground environment offers space for transportation, utilities and other critical infrastructures; however, many cities have a haphazard legacy in their development of underground space and use of resources (water, materials, geothermal etc.). The engineering challenges associated with underground urban construction illustrate the importance of sensor networks for monitoring the performance of aging infrastructure systems.
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27 mins
ILP Video

International Partnerships in Innovation

Claude Canizares
Bruno Rossi Professor in Experimental Physics
Vice President
Associate Director for MIT, Chandra X-Ray Observatory Center
MIT Office of the Provost
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4 mins
MIT Faculty Shorts

Carlo Ratti
Changing the Interface Between People and the Built Environment

Carlo Ratti
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