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40 mins
ILP Video

The Cloud Based Consumer

Glen Urban
David Austin Professor of Management
Chairman, Center for Digital Business
Dean Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management
Consumers exist in the cloud today and that fundamentally effects how firms make advertising, price, promotion, distribution and product design decisions. After reviewing these overall changes, we concentrate on advertising budgeting and new/old media allocation. Three recent MIT studies on new media are reviewed and we then look to Perspective Meta Analysis as the solution to the age old questions of “How much should I spend on advertising” and “what is the best media mix”.
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36 mins
ILP Video

The Analytics Edge in Healthcare

Dimitris Bertsimas
Boeing Leaders for Global Operations Professor of Management
Co-Director, Operations Research Center (ORC)
Professor Bertsimas' research include optimization, stochastic systems, data mining, and their application. In recent years he has worked in robust optimization, health care and finance.
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41 mins
ILP Video

Driving Digital Transformation

George Westerman
Research Scientist
MIT Center for Digital Business
Dr. Westerman examines executive-level management challenges at the interface between information technology and business units, such as risk management, innovation, and the strategic role of IT. He is currently leading a series of projects examining the impact of digital technology on the management of large firms.
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40 mins
ILP Video

Big Data: Making Complex Things Simpler

Alex Paul Pentland
Toshiba Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
Head, Human Dynamics Group
Director, Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program
MIT Media Lab
Management challenges like employee productivity, creative output, understanding customer preferences, real estate management, and running successful advertising campaigns all begin to be a lot simpler once we begin looking at these problems through the lens of big data, and especially data about individual behavior. The fundamental insight is that our individual behavior is largely determined by the behavior of the people we interact with, so if you have data about behaviors and social networks you can begin tune your company to much higher levels of performance. How do you get such data? Paradoxically, by giving individuals more control over their data they are happy to share, and both regulators and watchdog groups are happy as well.
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33 mins
ILP Video

Accelerating Innovation Despite Increasing Complexity

Steven Spear
Senior Lecturer
Senior Fellow, Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Engineering Systems Division
MIT Sloan School of Management
Mastering the design and management of ever more complex systems is necessary to bring successful products and services to market. Cars, once purely mechanical devices, require organizations master and integrate engineering skills across myriad materials, electrical and computer engineering, closed loop control systems, telemetry and the like. Healthcare diagnostics--once the 'touch and feel' of the physician, some x-ray and limited labs--now require excellence and integration across multiple imaging technologies, chemical and genetic testing, and so forth. Treatments are likely to incorporate the contributions of various surgical and medical disciplines. The same explosion on complexity to deliver value is true in natural resource extraction and IT. Many organizations succumb to confusion and chaos in the face of this trend. This talk will explain how the standouts master complexity and so compete most successfully.
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