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42 mins
ILP Video

Energy-Efficient Hardware for Embedded Vision and Deep Neural Networks

Vivienne Sze
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Scienc
Visual object detection and recognition are needed for a wide range of applications including robotics/drones, self-driving cars, smart Internet of Things, and portable/wearable electronics. For many of these applications, local embedded processing is preferred due to privacy or latency concerns. In this talk, we will describe how joint algorithm and hardware design can be used to reduce the energy consumption of object detection and recognition while delivering real-time and robust performance. We will discuss several energy-efficient techniques that exploit sparsity, reduce data movement and storage costs, and show how they can be applied to popular forms of object detection and recognition, including those that use deep convolutional neural nets (CNNs). We will present results from recently fabricated ASICs (including our deep CNN accelerator named ?Eyeriss? which is 10x more energy efficient than a mobile GPU) that demonstrate these techniques in real-time computer vision systems.
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41 mins
ILP Video

Cyber Security of IoT

John Williams
Professor of Information Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Systems
Director, MIT Geospatial Data Center
MIT Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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39 mins
ILP Video

Some Simple Economics of the Blockchain

Christian Catalini
Fred Kayne (1960) Career Development Professor of Entrepreneurship
Assistant Professor of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management
MIT Sloan School of Management
Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are poised to influence the rate and direction of innovation. By allowing firms to perform costless verification, blockchain lowers the cost of auditing transaction information and allows new marketplaces to emerge. Adding a distributed ledger to the mix allows marketplaces to be bootstrapped without the need for traditional intermediaries. How will this technology challenge existing revenue models? What impact will it have on the regulation, auction, and provision of public goods, software, identity, and reputation systems? With research grounded in economic theory, Catalini will discuss how blockchain is poised to upset the global market.
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43 mins
ILP Video

On the Future of Autonomous Vehicles: From fleets of self-driving cars to tiny consumer drones

Sertac Karaman
Class of '48 Career Development Chair Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
In the next five years, autonomous vehicle technology may finally blossom and enter our lives. The first applications of intelligent self-driving vehicles may embark on highways, campuses, and warehouses. Bottlecap-size consumer drones may roam around, filming the next big hit video on social media. What are some of the technical challenges and technological enablers? How will the new technology impact new products, markets, businesses, and ultimately our lives? Professor Sertac Karaman's research is enabling new ways of designing autonomous vehicles with the help of rigorous, mathematical thinking that leads to valuable insights.
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31 mins
ILP Video

STEX Introduction with Lightning Talks

Trond Undheim
Lead, Startup Exchange
MIT Industrial Liaison Program
-Shashi Kant, CTO & Founder, Netra - http://www.netra.io/
-Jeff Orkin, PhD, CEO & Founder, GiantOtter - http://www.giantotter.com/
-Josh Kanner, CEO & Founder, Smartvid.io - https://www.smartvid.io/
-Catherine Havasi, CEO & Co-Founder, Luminoso - http://www.luminoso.com/
-Alan Ringvald, CEO, Relativity6 - http://www.relativity6.com/
-Trishan Panch, Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder, Wellframe - https://www.wellframe.com/
-Abhi Yadav, CEO & Founder, DataXylo - https://dataxylo.com/team.php
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