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37 mins
ILP Video

Clean Energy Urban Design in China: The Energy Proforma© in Practice and Policy

Christopher Zegras
Associate Professor of Transportation and Urban Planning
Lead, Transportation Systems, (MIT-Portugal Program)
MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning
The Energy Proforma© is an openly accessible online tool that enables urban designers, developers, regulators and researchers to assess the relative energy consumption among proposed neighborhood designs. Based on empirical analysis of over 4,500 households in 23 neighborhoods in Jinan, China, this energy assessment tool can inform design guidelines for low carbon neighborhood forms to be implemented within the Chinese land use control and regulatory planning system to improve residential energy performance measurably.
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46 mins
ILP Video

Subtleties in Bold Design: China’s Experiments in Managing Automobiles

Jinhua Zhao
Assistant Professor
MIT Department of Urban Studies + Planning
China surpassed the US as the world’s largest automobile market in 2009, leading to visible environmental crises and congestion, but the nationwide increase conceals crucial differences between cities. Both Beijing and Shanghai had about 2 million motor vehicles in 2004; by 2010, Beijing had 4.8 million while Shanghai only had 3.1 million. Subtleties in their boldly designed experiments in automobile management, like Shanghai’s license auction and Beijing’s license lottery, point to crucial policy-making issues that influence effectiveness, equity, and public acceptance.
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1 hr
ILP Video

ILP Member Panel Discussion: Urbanization in China

Wei Guo, Chairman and Executive Director, Digital China
Tianwen Liu, Chairman & CEO, iSoftStone
Xianhong Wu, Founder and Chairman, Verakin Group
Jin Xu, Vice President, Shaanxi Industrial Investment
Top ILP member company executives join MIT Industrial Liaison Program Executive Director Karl Koster to discuss the challenges posed by rapid urbanization in China and explore potential opportunities, strategies, and technologies that will shape the future of Chinese cities.
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44 mins
ILP Video

Clean Water Technology Research at MIT (China Conference)

John Lienhard
Samuel C. Collins Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Director, KFUPM Center for Clean Water and Clean Energy
Director, Rohsenow Kendall Heat Transfer Laboratory
MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering
Water supply is a growing challenge worldwide. Water scarcity affects both the developed and the developing world, and it affects regions that are considered dry as well as regions that are not. Water research at MIT covers all aspects of water supply and methods of purification, with a focus on novel desalination research, membrane technologies, thermal and solar technologies, water distribution, wetlands, challenges specific to the developing world, and issues related to the water-energy nexus.
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45 mins
ILP Video

Electrochemical Pathways to Sustainability

Donald Sadoway
John F Elliott Professor of Metallurgy
MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Innovations in electrochemical technologies are paving two complementary pathways towards a more sustainable future. Large-format Liquid Metal Batteries (LMBs) reduce price volatility and increase reliability, especially in urban settings, while eliminating the intermittency of carbon-free, renewable electric power. Metals production by Molten Oxide Electrolysis (MOE) dramatically reduces the carbon intensity of the extraction of a wide range of metals and alloys. Together, these technologies have the potential to improve product quality while reducing capital costs and carbon emissions.
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