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19 mins

STEX Workshop: IoT
Real-world IoT: IoT in practice

David DiLeo
Chief Information Officer
Industrial Scientific Corp.
From implementing mission critical IoT to trailblazing detection-as-service, our industry speaker brings 20+ years of experience in IT to redefine how businesses operate and to reimagine how products and services can be delivered.

With IoT, the line between IT and “the business” has become quite blurry, as it represents the collision and intersection of Information Technology and Operational Technology. This increases the role and value of IT but also magnifies the importance and need for strong IT leadership. Now more than ever, IT leaders face a plethora of opportunities, challenges, solutions, platforms, and partners. Connectivity has become ubiquitous, and there is no shortage of data. Cloud platform providers offer low-risk consumption-based opportunities to accelerate powerful solutions that weren’t previously possible. Navigating this landscape can be daunting, so how can your organization more effectively utilize IoT to solve real world problems?
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36 mins

STEX Workshop: IoT
Startup Presentations - Technology solutions

John Greenfield, Everactive
Ashish Yadav, Prescient Devices, Inc.
Cody Falcon, Arundo
Ryan Davis, Secure AI labs
Jana Eggers, Nara Logics
Everactive: Self-powered sensors
John Greenfield, Everactive Ashish Yadav, Prescient Devices, Inc. Arundo: Intelligent streaming and local computation of sensor data
Secure AI Labs (SAIL): Securing data and code for edge computing
Nara Logics: Intelligent decisions & automation from IoT data
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25 mins

STEX Workshop: IoT
Nonintrusive Sensors

Steve Leeb
Professor of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
When did it become normal for our personal data to automatically become the property of others? Why have we returned to a “server” model of information exchange for many of our data services, where “someone else” is responsible for data security and service availability? As an alternative, nonintrusive sensors could offer several potential advantages, including central installation with the ability to monitor the aggregate behavior of a collection of devices. The behavior of individual devices could be diaggregated, and the data from these sensors would be inherently collated. This talk will review three different examples of nonintrusive sensors and will examine approaches for deploying and coordinating the operation of these sensors to secure data, minimize the need for communication bandwidth, and ensure the presentation of actionable information for enhancing system operation.
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52 mins

STEX Workshop: IoT
Panel Discussion

John Carrier, MIT
Muhammad Asif, Hitachi
Will Koffell, Google Cloud
Mike Phillips, Sense
David Wentzloff, Everactive
Panel Discussion
Moderator: John Carrier, MIT Sloan School of Management
Muhammad Asif, Manufacturing Industry Subject Matter Expert, Hitachi
Will Koffell, Head of Startup Ecosystem, Google Cloud
Mike Phillips, CEO and Co-founder, Sense
David Wentzloff, Co-founder and Co-CTO, Everactive
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21 mins

STEX Workshop: IoT
Corporate Investor Talk

Bimal Mehta
VP, Startups Partner, Global Innovation
Schneider Electric Venture
Bimal Mehta currently leads Corporate Innovation at Schneider Electric, driving and incubating both internal and external innovation. Mehta builds diverse, high performance teams and helps them develop a strategy and scale their business models. He also connects corporate partners with leading startups to enable co-innovation opportunities. Mehta has a proven ability to lead, innovate, and launch products that outperform the competition, win markets, and drive revenue.
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17 mins

STEX Workshop: IoT
Startup Journey

Mike Phillips
CEO and Co-founder
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