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9 mins
ILP Video

MIT Startup Innovation Ecosystem

Rebecca Xiong
Program Director, MIT Startup Exchange
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27 mins
ILP Video

Privacy Preserving Machine Learning: Data Utility and Privacy Using Split Learning

Ramesh Raskar
Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
NEC Career Development Professor
MIT Media Lab
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21 mins
ILP Video

Startup Lightning Talks: Applications of Industrial AI

Bo Zhu, Blink AI
Bastiane Huang, Osaro
Karan Kashyap, Posh
Subbu Kuchibhotla, Xapix
Will Tashman, Uncountable
- Blink AI: Imaging AI for autonomy, robotics, sensing
- Osaro: ML software for piece-picking for manufacturing & distribution
- Posh: Conversational AI for customer service & helpdesk
- Xapix: API & data orchestration platform for automotive/mobility
- Uncountable: AI for formulation development
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24 mins
ILP Video

Industry's View

Mohak Shah
VP - AI and Machine Learning
LG Electronics
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25 mins
ILP Video

Startup Lightning Talks: AI & Tech Enablement

Anne Kim, Secure AI Labs
Ned Semonite, Southie Autonomy
- Silverthread
Waikit Lau, RemoteHQ
Beth Porter, Riff Learning
Boaz Efroni Rotman, Lightelligence
- Secure AI Labs: AI security & data privacy to accelerate digital transformation
- Southie Autonomy: Flexible automation for all industries
- Silverthread: Improving software health and economics
- RemoteHQ: Seamless collaboration via intelligent virtual computing
- Riff Learning: ML feedback for conversational & collaborative dynamics
- Lightelligence: Photonic AI accelerator chip
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21 mins
ILP Video

Corporate Investor Talk

Thomas d'Halluin
Managing Partner, Airbus Ventures
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27 mins
ILP Video

Fireside Chat on Operationalizing AI

Nick Meyer, Relativity6
Katherine Gallagher, MIT Quest for Intelligence
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41 mins
ILP Video

Panel Discussion: Opportunities & challenges in corporates working with startups on Industrial AI

Rebecca Xiong, Program Director, MIT Startup Exchange
Thomas d'Halluin, Managing Partner, Airbus Ventures
Dong-Su Kim, CEO, LG Technology Ventures
John Wass, Profit Isle
Ramesh Raskar, MIT Media Lab
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17 mins
ILP Video

Closing the perception-actuation loop using machine learning: New perspectives and strategies

Vincent Vanhoucke
Principal Scientist,
Director of Robotics,
Recent advances in perception technology, fueled by progress in deep learning, have materially changed the degree of situational awareness one can expect from robots engaged in the real world: in addition to perceiving the geometry of the world around them, robots can now also reason about its semantics and communicate intuitively with the people sharing their environment.

Yet, we're arguably still struggling to deploy robots in human-centered environments. Much of the difficulty centers around closing the loop between perception and actuation in a manner that's safe, reliable, precise, and flexible. This talk explores recent progress in machine learning which directly addresses these challenges and opens up new avenues in connecting perception and behaviors in real-world environments.
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