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31 mins
ILP Video

Human-Artificial Intelligence Partnerships

Nick Jennings
Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise)
Imperial College London
In our increasingly connected world, computation is everywhere and we are generating ever more data about everything. These trends will profoundly change the ways in which we work with computers. Specifically, we need the machines to be smarter and more helpful. Central to this vision is the means by which we can forge effective partnerships with such artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Until now, humans have generally been the masters and technology the slave. This needs to change. Today?s AI systems can act on high-level human commands and achieve complex goals in a flexible manner. But, while such systems are good at solving narrowly defined tasks, they don?t know how to collaborate with humans or how to operate as part of a problem-solving team. This talk will explore how humans and AI systems can work together. In such partnerships, the humans and the AI systems complement each other?s strengths and weaknesses, leading to a rise in the humans, as well as in the machines. Drawing on multi-disciplinary work in the areas of AI, autonomous systems, machine learning, crowd sourcing and ubiquitous computing, this talk explores the scientific underpinning of such systems, the applications they have been applied to, and the societal implications of their widespread adoption.
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42 mins
ILP Video

Industry Keynote: Creating Value for BT's Customers with AI

Colin Bannon
Chief Technology Officer and Director of Design
BT Global Services
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38 mins
ILP Video

Startup Lightning Talks

John Andrews, Celect
Arlene Ducao, Multimer
Tor Jakob Ramsoy, Arundo Analytics
Eduard Vazquez, Cortexica Vision Systems
Henry Oakes, TRACK
Francesco Montomoli, UQuant
Maya Pindeus, Humanising Autonomy
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40 mins
ILP Video

The Human Strategy

Alex Pentland
Toshiba Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
Head, Human Dynamics Group
Director, Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program
MIT Media Laboratory
Our future will have big data, AIs, and cyberwarfare, so how can we build a world that still has a human feel to it and is a comfortable place to live? The fact that everything is becoming ?datafied? together with the emergence of new, more powerful machine learning techniques means that we can now build human-AI ecologies in ways we could never do before. I will describe how we are beginning to use these new tools to design a better framework for human and AI to work together, and how we are beginning to test this framework at scale on four continent with the support of major countries, multilateral agencies, and multinational corporations.
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36 mins
ILP Video

Industry Keynote: How AI Can Bring Us Closer to Our Customers

Josh Bottomley
Global Head of Digital, HSBC
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