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40 mins
ILP Video

Towards a Sustainable, Bio-based Economy-Brazil Conference

Gregory Stephanopoulos
Willard Henry Dow Professor of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering
MIT Department of Chemical Engineering
Biofuels and bio-based products produced from renewable resources are attracting considerable attention as important components of a sustainable green economy with minimal dependence on fossil fuels. Metabolic engineering has created finely-tuned microorganisms to be used as biocatalysts suitable for industrial application in the production of biopolymers, organic acids, oils and their derivatives and other chemical products with potential for further applications in the synthesis of biofuels and other biochemical products of interest.
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32 mins
ILP Video

Bringing Biofunctionality to Synthetic Materials

Bradley Olsen
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
MIT Department of Chemical Engineering
The natural world has long inspired technology. Now, recent advances are enabling researchers to understand and adapt nature?s designs with unprecedented precision, applying cutting-edge polymer chemistry and protein engineering to synthesize new materials at the interface of biology and the physical sciences. Biological-derived and inspired polymers can dramatically extend the capabilities of soft materials, such as engineering plastics, catalysts, and biomedical hydrogels, with implications for efficiency and sustainability across industries, including medicine, energy, food, and feed stocks.
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52 mins
ILP Video

Platform Shift - How New Business Models are Changing the Shape of Industry-Brazil Conference

Marshall Van Alstyne
Professor, Department of Management Information Systems, Boston University
Visiting Scientist, MIT Sloan School of Management
Network models offer competitive advantage over conventional business models based on new insights into pricing, network effects, supply chains, and strategy. These principles show how companies like Airbnb, Amazon, Apple and Uber managed rapid worldwide growth, but they also apply to traditional product companies like Sony, shoe companies like Nike, and spice companies like McCormick. Understanding these new models is essential to innovating and remaining competitive in the face of accelerating globalization.
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41 mins
ILP Video

Crossing Boundaries: UAV Academic and Industry Research

Nicholas Roy
Boeing Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Research at MIT has advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology markedly in recent years. MIT?s Robust Robotics Group has developed some of the first fully autonomous micro air vehicle systems capable of self-direction in GPS-denied environments. At the same time, Google's Project Wing, led by and including the same MIT researchers, demonstrated the use of UAVs in urban package delivery. Together, academic and industry efforts are taking UAV research across new boundaries with potential applications in precision agriculture, infrastructure inspection, and beyond.
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49 mins
ILP Video

Why Information Grows: the Evolution of Order from Atoms to Economies

César Hidalgo
Asahi Broadcast Corporation Career Development Assistant Professor in Media Arts and Sciences
Head, Macro Connections Group
MIT Media Laboratory
What is information and where does it come from? What are the physical, social, and economic mechanisms that enable information to grow? How do these mechanisms contribute to the social and economic unevenness of our planet? And how can we respond to the accelerating emergence of new information today? The MIT Media Lab?s Macro Connections Group builds big data visualization engines, like DataViva, to improve our understanding of the world with compelling clarity.
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