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September 30, 2019

MIT Startup Exchange Announces Fall 2019 Additions to STEX25 Accelerator

MIT Startup Exchange is pleased to announce the addition of five companies to its roster of STEX25 startups. New additions to the program include: Cambridge Crops, Lightelligence, Prescient Devices, Profit Isle, and Uncountable.

MIT Startup Exchange is pleased to announce the addition of five companies to its roster of STEX25 startups for its Fall 2019 cohort:

Cambridge Crops (A new kind of protection for all kinds of foods)
Lightelligence (Accelerating AI at the speed of light)
Prescient Devices (Solving the fragmented IoT challenge)
Profit Isle (Uncover hidden profitability with analytics software solutions)
Uncountable (AI Platform for Material Development)

“Our industry partners tell us that MIT Startup Exchange is one of the most effective channels for connecting them with emerging tech startups,” said Executive Director of MIT Corporate Relations Karl Koster. “STEX25 startups exhibit the high-caliber talent and cutting-edge technology that are hallmarks of MIT. Corporate ILP members continue to engage in advanced discussions and multiple partnerships with these startups.”

STEX25 is a startup accelerator run by MIT Startup Exchange featuring 25 "industry-ready" startups. MIT Startup Exchange adds startups to STEX25 on a roughly quarterly basis, from among more than 1,700 MIT-connected startups. STEX25 startups receive promotion, travel, and advisory support, and are prioritized for meetings by the MIT Industrial Liaison Program’s (ILP) industry liaisons. STEX25 companies collaborate with ILP corporate members through targeted Startup Exchange workshops and showcases, exhibits at ILP conferences, and other events tailored towards industry.

“For the startups that participate, STEX25 provides access to the right potential corporate partners, and at the right level, to senior executives who can make yes/no decisions on moving forward with pilots, and customer agreements. Our ability to impact new tech is clear, and is something that we consistently hear from current and past STEX25 participants,” said MIT Startup Exchange Program Director, Marcus Dahllöf.

Jon Garrity, Cofounder & CEO of STEX25 alumni company Tagup, said: “We acquired major new customers and development partners through the many conferences, founder events, and bespoke ILP member presentations Startup Exchange organized for Tagup. ILP and Startup Exchange have provided more high-value introductions than I can count, and we consider ourselves lucky to be part of their ecosystem."

Dahllöf continued: “Regarding our most recent startups, we continue to be impressed by the innovativeness of MIT founders. We expect them to make a significant impact across a number of industries. Their technologies are broadly applicable and have the potential to revolutionize how big companies operate.”

About MIT Startup Exchange, STEX25, and MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program (ILP)
MIT Startup Exchange actively promotes collaboration and partnerships between MIT-connected startups and industry. Qualified startups are those founded and/or led by MIT faculty, staff, or alumni, or are based on MIT-licensed technology. Industry participants are principally members of MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program (ILP).

MIT Startup Exchange maintains a propriety database of over 1,500 MIT-connected startups with roots across MIT departments, labs and centers; it hosts a robust schedule of startup workshops and showcases, and facilitates networking and introductions between startups and corporate executives.

STEX25 is a startup accelerator within MIT Startup Exchange, featuring 25 “industry ready” startups that have proven to be exceptional with early use cases, clients, demos, or partnerships, and are poised for significant growth. STEX25 startups receive promotion, travel, and advisory support, and are prioritized for meetings with ILP’s 230 member companies.

MIT Startup Exchange and ILP are integrated programs of MIT Corporate Relations.