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July 25, 2017

MIT Startup Exchange names top 25 startups

MIT Startup Exchange is pleased to announce the complete roster of STEX25 companies. STEX25 is a startup accelerator focused on fostering startup and industry collaboration.

STEX25 companies participated in a startup exhibit during the 2017 MIT Startup Ecosystem Conference.

MIT Startup Exchange is pleased to announce a complete roster of STEX25 companies, with the addition of six MIT-connected startups in June 2017. Recently named to STEX25 are 24m, Affectiva, Cogito, C2Sense, Ginkgo Bioworks, and Neuromesh.

STEX25 is a startup accelerator within MIT Startup Exchange focused on an elite group of startups deemed “industry-ready,” having proved themselves with early use cases, clients, demos, or partnerships. Since its launch in September 2016, STEX25 has added startups on a roughly quarterly basis, culled from the over 1200 startups in the MIT Startup Exchange database. The list includes startups from a number of important fields including artificial intelligence, automation, energy, healthcare, internet of things (IoT), life science, manufacturing, materials, nanotech, sensors, and more. MIT Startup Exchange and the Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) are integrated programs of MIT Corporate Relations.

According to MIT Startup Exchange Program Director, Trond Undheim, “MIT Startup Exchange was launched to help top corporations and MIT-connected startups bring new technology to the world through creative partnerships and collaboration. The inaugural group of STEX25 companies have strong roots in MIT’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and are infused with high-caliber talent and cutting-edge technology, key assets for industry partners searching for innovation.” 
Karl Koster, executive director of the ILP, pointed out that helping MIT-connected startups get traction with large corporate players is a crucial step in technology commercialization. “Our corporate members are very interested in meeting with the MIT Startup Exchange company founders, and these kinds of connections are vital to growing MIT’s innovation ecosystem.”

View the full list of STEX25 startups.