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September 27, 2016

ILP and STEX Announce STEX25 Launch

New startup accelerator focuses on  fostering startup and industry collaboration.

MIT Industrial Liaison Program

Karl Koster welcomes startup and industry participants at a recent STEX workshop at
MIT's Industry Meeting Center.

MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) and its MIT Startup Exchange (STEX) are pleased to announce the launch of STEX25, a startup accelerator focused on fostering collaboration between MIT-connected startups and member companies of MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program.
STEX25 establishes an elite cohort of startup companies—25 from the 1,000+ in the STEX database—that have proved themselves with early use cases, clients, demos, and partnerships, and may be on the cusp of significant growth. These young companies are particularly well-suited for industry collaboration, and therefore will be prioritized by the ILP when advising its members on startup engagement.

The first five startups to be inducted into STEX25 are Akselos, BioBright, Lexumo Inc., Poly6, and Tagup. Each quarter six to seven additional startups will be inducted into the program until a cohort of 25 is established.
“STEX25 companies have a strong science and technology foundation in important fields such as artificial intelligence, automation, energy, healthcare, ICT, Internet of things (IoT), life science, manufacturing, materials, nanotech, sensors, and more,” said Trond Undheim who directs the Startup Exchange. 

Infused with the high-caliber talent and cutting-edge technology that are the hallmarks of MIT-connected startups, these startups are poised to offer industry partners an injection of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. 
“Helping MIT-connected startups get traction with large corporate players is a crucial step in technology commercialization,” said Karl Koster, Executive Director of the ILP. “Our members are very interested in meeting with the STEX company founders, and these kinds of connections are vital to growing MIT’s innovation ecosystem.”

About STEX25 and MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program (ILP)
STEX25 is a startup accelerator focused on fostering collaboration between MIT-connected startups and member companies of MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program (ILP). STEX25 is managed by MIT Startup Exchange, and its parent, the ILP. The ILP is a key player in making industrial connections for MIT, with over 220 of the world’s leading companies using their ILP memberships to advance research agendas at MIT.