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Interact with ILP and Earn Revenue Sharing Points

Current RSP Balance

Current RSP Balance

To view your personal RSP balances and generate RSP reports, sign in using your MIT certificate and return to this page.

Revenue Sharing Points

The Office of Corporate Relations alots a fixed percentage of the gross revenue received in Industrial Liaison Program membership fees directly on a pro-rata basis to the MIT faculty and staff who interact with OCR/ILP corporate contacts, or participate in OCR/ILP activities. This is done via a revenue sharing program using a system of points.

The purpose of sharing ILP fees is to compensate MIT faculty and staff for time they spend with OCR/ILP companies, with the overall goal of encouraging mutually beneficial participation and educational programs.

All ranks in the following faculty and research staff appointments (including visiting) are eligible to earn revenue sharing points:

  • Professors
  • Lecturers
  • Instructors/Technical Instructors
  • Research Scientists
  • Research Engineers
  • Research Associates

For graduate students, points awarded are credited to the account of their qualifying supervisor. Consideration of their contributions is encouraged in the use of these revenue sharing funds. Administrative staff are not eligible for revenue sharing points. Any exception must be pre-approved.

RSP Award Totals for ILP Activities

ACTIVITIES Revenue Sharing Points
Meetings, Telephone, Video
Meeting at MIT (with faculty or research staff member, per hour) 2
Meeting at MIT (in ILP office with faculty or research staff member, per hour) 3
Meeting at MIT (with graduate student, per hour-points assigned to advisor) 2
Meeting at MIT (in ILP office with graduate student/post-doc, per hour - points assigned to advisor) 3
Videoconference / visual presentation via video, WebEx, etc. per hour 2
Telephone conversation 1
Meetings at company (half day -- non-local) 12
Meetings at company (full day - more than 4 hours) 24
Executive research briefing/formal presentation (at MIT) 8
Report1 of on or off campus meeting with ILP member company, not arranged by OCR/ILP 2
Videoconference / presentation via video, WebEx, etc. 4
OCR-Sponsored Conference Activities
Conference/seminar presentation (more than 45 minutes) 12
Conference/seminar presentation (less than 45 minutes) 8
Conference Poster Presenter 6
International Conference event (organized by ILP - full day) 48
Papers: recent working paper, technical memo, or technical report (not published) 1
Expertise and research project description updates (KnowledgeBase updates) 1
CV with publication list 1


  • Except for substantive reports of meetings with an ILP member company, points are awarded only if interactions are arranged and/or pre-approved by OCR/ILP staff.
  • No points are awarded for interactions for which a faculty or staff member is compensated by the company or through MIT research or another program.
  • Visits to a non-member company solicited by OCR/ILP staff for ILP membership qualify for MIT discretionary funds when such visits are requested by the OCR/ILP staff. A finder’s fee is awarded to a faculty or staff member who independently secures, or makes a significant contribution to securing, a new ILP member.
  • Points may be awarded in some cases for extra time or effort spent on a particular meeting, but this issuance and number of points is at the discretion of the Industrial Liaison Program (ILP).
  • Points are awarded for working papers or ’’preprints’’ that have been submitted, but not yet published and not subject to a publisher’s copyright. Abstracts or reviews of books, conferences or papers are not admissible.