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Faculty Interactions

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Faculty Interactions

Face-to-face discussions with MIT faculty and researchers are the most highly valued service the ILP provides, as these interactions often sow the seeds of successful collaborations. The ILP actively advocates your company’s research and strategic agenda on campus, and secures substantive meetings with key faculty and researchers. Your ILO provides continuity and serves as the facilitator to move discussions along and work with both your representatives and faculty to enable mutually beneficial outcomes.

ILP-arranged meetings are recognized by time-pressured faculty as being highly professional, yielding high-caliber discussions and highlighting potential partnership opportunities. According to results from a recent MIT faculty survey, faculty objectives in participating in ILP meetings are to:

  • meet potential research sponsors
  • provide industry exposure for their research
  • learn about industry problems that could offer potential applications for their scholarship.

Your Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO), a veteran MIT insider, and well-briefed on your company’s needs and objectives, is perfectly positioned to advocate your agenda on campus, quickly identifying and engaging the interest of relevant faculty.

Typical member meeting objectives are to:

  • monitor advances in technology
  • learn about the expert's research
  • explore management strategies
  • discuss recruitment needs
  • address specific company interests

Meetings may be combined into half-day or full-day visits, at your company's discretion. If meeting face-to-face is difficult, your ILO may arrange an interactive video conference webcast or telephone conference call.

In addition to small, one-on-one meetings, another option for company members is engage MIT in an Executive Planning or Research Briefing/Conference for Management. Your ILO can organize a one-day private seminar at MIT for up to twenty of your senior corporate staff. These private, customized executive briefings are often used to enhance strategic planning, to examine emerging research and technology, or to consider new management approaches to corporate issues.

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