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Search Tips

  • Boolean Operators

    + Stands for AND

    - stands for NOT

    [no operator] implies OR

    Use * for WILDCARD

    "" for exact phrase

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Search the Knowledgebase

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The ILP KnowledgeBase offers easy access to data on approximately 1,000 MIT faculty members, over 3,000 other researchers, 7,000 research projects, and over 100 departments, labs and centers. The KnowledgeBase is a primary database tool for introducing MIT faculty and researchers to ILP corporate members. It enhances the ability to:

  • engage in productive face to face meetings
  • explore mutual interests
  • consider timely opportunities for collaboration

The ILP KnowledgeBase serves as a key resource for ILP company members, providing speedy Internet access to information about the Institute’s faculty, research and educational programs.

NOTE: We define the term "faculty" broadly within the context of the KnowledgeBase to include both faculty and research staff, as well as other MIT affiliates.


Boolean search operators may be used in a search string to narrow or refine a search (see SEARCH TIPS above left). Following are a few search string examples. For a full listing and explanation of Boolean search operators, click here.

No operator implies OR
A search of solar energy would return records with the word solar OR the word energy.

Use + for AND
A search of +solar +energy would return records with the words solar AND energy.

Use – for NOT
A search of +solar +energy –wave would return records with the words solar AND energy, but NOT the word wave.

Use " " for EXACT PHRASE
A search of "solar energy" would return records with the EXACT PHRASE solar energy.

Use * for a WILDCARD
A search of bio* would returns records with the words bioLOGY, bioTECHNOLOGY, bioCHEMISTRY, etc.