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MIT/ILP Calendar Event

Precision Engineering Principles for Mechanical Design

June 25-29, 2018


This course is ideal for anyone who wants to help their company develop new, innovative mechanical products. Participants from various industries from consumer products to medical devices to oil and gas equipment will learn a widely applicable, deterministic design process that covers discovery, development, and demonstration. The curriculum provides an introduction to the FUNdaMENTALS of Precision Product Design, starting with the deterministic design process and philosophy and physics-based design principles. This will be followed by focused machine element topics including: linkages, screws and gears, actuators, structures, joints, and bearings. Error apportionment, tolerancing, and budgeting methods are presented to illustrate how machine elements are combined to produce a precision system. Each topic is covered with respect to its physics of operation, mechanics (strength, deformation, thermal effects), and accuracy, repeatability, and resolution, all of which are critical to designing robust high quality products.

Participants are welcome to share their own non-proprietary design challenges. In the spirit of the MIT motto Mens et Manus, the course will demonstrate a practical application of the theory (mens) and design process through the conceptualization and fabrication (manus) of a small benchtop precision system in the MIT Hobby Shop. This program is designed to both deliver fundamental mechanical engineering concepts and apply them to a design process that encourages creativity. Attendees will learn how to develop and harness their organizations? internal talent by catalyzing creativity and deterministic design thinking. Interaction and networking with industry peers is integral to the course. Lastly, the course will be FUN!

Who Should Attend: The ideal participant is responsible for designing innovative new mechanical hardware products. As a leader, they must be willing to go hands-on and get dirty as well as enable others to lead their own product development efforts. Ideal participants include: VP of R&D, Director of Engineering, Manager Global Research, New Product Development Manager, Director of Corporate Innovation, and Design Engineer, along with their direct reports. Participants should have a bachelor's or higher degree in engineering or substantial experience with making, and must be comfortable working in a hands-on environment with tools such as band saws, drill presses, and manual milling machines. Participants must also have a moderate to high experience with Excel.


Cambridge, MA USA

MIT is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The campus, situated in close proximity to Boston’s Logan International Airport, profits from Boston’s excellent public transportation system and the on-campus Tech Shuttle. The closest subway station is Kendall Square, which acts as a commercial center for MIT and the local community.



MIT Professional Education - Short Programs
Room E48-401
Cambridge, MA 02139
TEL: 617 253 2101 * FAX: 617 258 8831
e-mail: shortprograms@mit.edu

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