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Strategy in a Global World

October 16-17, 2017


This program is based on a new view of the world and how business at all levels must work in the context of a globalized world. The globalized world is no longer simply a source of new markets or cost factor savings; it is a source of innovation. Companies must develop a global business strategy that encompasses all aspects of being an organization capable of developing and delivering a proposition that takes advantage of global integration to create value from and for the world.

Why did global integration turn into a strategic imperative for so many industries and companies over the last couple of decades? Why is global integration so challenging for otherwise established multinational companies?

This program addresses how the current world makes a big difference for internationalization and a global strategy, and why incumbent multinationals and emergent multinationals have fared so differently in the dire straits of the new, globalized world. Strategy in a Global World provides a systemic approach to global business strategy and the relentless quest for discovering "why and how," not just "what."

Many participants attend this program along with Understanding Global Markets.

Participants in this program will learn how to think strategically in a globalized world. They will understand the value of global integration, the implications for business enterprise and management, and the keys to global performance. Participants will also learn how to reach new markets and harness human resources from beyond their existing borders.

Participants will gain pragmatic insights on how to:

  • Begin to assess how to develop business beyond their borders
  • Choose among three distinct options for how to grow their businesses
  • Creatively choose how to grow partnerships, networks, and more
  • Recognize and harness the value of having a global scope

After completing the program, participants will be prepared to:

  • Scrutinize their company advantage or lack thereof in order to make the fundamental choice of growing globally as a "national"? (the default choice in the past), a "national plus," or a "metanational"
  • Design a global strategy that is both for and from an interdependent world, allowing their company to turn the world into the most important source of capabilities and innovation, not just of markets or lower factor costs
  • Discover the managerial nature of global integration and profit from less visible forms of local differentiation

Many participants may leave the program realizing that the optimum policy for their companies now will be one that was not there before: being a local company with a global strategy.


Cambridge, MA

MIT is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The campus, situated in close proximity to Boston’s Logan International Airport, profits from Boston’s excellent public transportation system and the on-campus Tech Shuttle. The closest subway station is Kendall Square, which acts as a commercial center for MIT and the local community.


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